Monday, October 30, 2006


HEY! It's a Goal Song

The New Jersey Devils franchise started a tradition of using Rock and Roll Pt. 2 by Gary Glitter as their goal song. You know this song. At least the chorus. EVERYONE SING (kinda)!
DUH duh da duh, HEY! Dadaduh DUH duh da duh, HEY!, etc.
This dates back to the late 1970s, when they were the Colorado Rockies and playing "Rocky Hockey" (my understanding is that "Rocky Hockey"is very entertaining, but not really winning hockey). However, Gary Glitter has gotten into a lot of trouble with the law - very dispicable trouble in 1999 and in 2005. Understandably, the Devils organization (and many other teams in all sports) has shyed away from using that tune and are looking for a new song to play when the Devils score a goal. The survey was available on the Devils' website and included such musical luminaries as Pennywise and Barbara Streisand. The team has announced the three finalists of the survey:
They plan on using all three songs for the rest of the season. Personally, they should just stick to either Kernkraft 400 or Crowd Chant. I don't care if they are from New Jersey, the Bouncing Souls aren't that good of a band. I base this solely on Maniacal Laughter, Anchors Aweigh, this song, and other bits and pieces I heard from Hopeless Romantic. Furthermore, "Ole!" is a soccer song. I hear it at soccer games. I'm pretty sure I heard it at the World Cup. And the song is just chanting what people yell when a dude with a cape dodges a bull charge in Spain. At least with Rock and Roll Pt. 2, you get to clap along and YELL "HEY!" Which is what a goal actually does to the other team (e.g. "HEY! We're back in this game"; "HEY! We're kicking the crap out of you here"; "HEY! Jay Pandolfo scored on you lame-os, how do you like him now?") To me, it just doesn't fit and prefer the other two songs. Not that I'll boo "Ole!" or mute the TV when it's on; all the same, I'll be happy that the Devils scored a goal.

You can hear all three and decide for yourself on their website.

im having alot of trouble understanding why they would changeRock and Roll Pt. 2 song to another song. Ive grown up with this song playing every time a devil has scored a goal. I think its one of the best feelings when i hear those horns and the beginning of that song play in the arena, i can hear it right now and i miss it so much. Seeing the entire place standing up with their fists in the air chanting HEY!always gave me chills. There was absolutly no need to change it, they have done nothing at all but discourage fans. Hockey isnt soccer and the OLE! song does not fit in at all with the atmosphere of hockey games. I refuse to stand up and chant OLE! it isnt the same anymore, not once in my life have i seen the majority of fans in continentle sitting after a goal has been scored, its rediculous. I dispise it.
i bet they will heep the goal song like if they do chance it i dont know why thye would they all love it and we love singing it plz keep it thank you
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