Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Devils 3 - Carolina 2: Postgame

The Devils kept up with the Hurricanes all game long and won the game in a shootout at the Continental Airlines Arena. I must say, I really like Versus' presentation of the game - my only main criticism is that the Versus execs need to introduce Brian Engblom to the hair and makeup department. is your hook up for the box score. Some quick notes about the game:
In other news, Rich Chere of the Star Ledger reports that Devils GM (and The One We Can Trust) Lou Lamoriello attended the NHL General Manger's meeting yesterday in Toronto. To summarize the meeting, not much is changing. Arbitration will remain, the age for unrestricted free agency will be 27 or after a player's first 7 seasons, the schedule will remain unbalanced, and diving may face a crackdown. Personally, I agree with Lou that these are essentially new rules that need more time before they can be fully assessed. Well, except for the diving; that should be stopped ASAP, PDQ, and with other TLA.

In the same article on the GM's meeting, Rich Chere reports that Fahey's right tricep did not have any structual damage and is practicing with a brace. Scott Gomez is still day-to-day with a groin injury. I hope Gomez returns for the Chicago game.

By the by, Tom Lycan at the Devils Due blog correctly notes the following:

Tomorrow, the Devils face Chicago at home. Unfortunately, they will be competing with the attention surrounding a surging Rutgers football team that is battling Louisville for the Big East in the best matchup of this college football weekend.

Also, here's a little known fact that I thought I would share-- it is actually Marty Brodeur's strong feeling of fairness in sports that drives him to imitate the imperfection of mortal goalies every game so that he can even the playing field. Fortunately for the Devils, most of the time he fails, because Marty is a bad actor.

He's right. As a graduate student at Rutgers University, there is a ton of buzz about the Louisville game. It's clearly the biggest game in any sport Rutgers is involved with in the last 25 years. Even people who know nothing about football are excited about it. I got a ticket to the game, I'm definitely going to that - plus NJ is playing Chicago. Since Martin Havlat cooled off, it's...well...Chicago. Tom's DEFINITELY right about Brodeur, just look at the Montreal and last night's performance if you don't believe him.

Lastly, Trendon Lynch of On Fire correctly identifies a major source of the Devils' offensive woes pointed out in Rich Chere's summary of last night's game and yesterday's Tom Gulitti article: SHOOT!


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Anyway, I absolutely love your blog. Fantastic reading.
Thanks. I'm glad you like it, I'll try to do better. I just turned it on recently. I'm still learning this "blog" thing.
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