Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A Gomez Without An Island

Stupid titles, aside, the Star Ledger is reporting that Gomez is likely not to play in tomorrow's game against the New York Islanders. Given that Gomez is clearly the top center for the Devils, this makes tomorrow game much more difficult.

Assuming Lukowich is also out and Elias is healthy, I think Claude Julien will roll out the same lines as they did against Columbus. That is:


Yes, that's a ???? at right wing on the 4th line. He has a hell of a potential to play in this league, but ??? needs to prove he can handle the NHL game. OK, I'll stop being silly (for now) and assume ???? is going to be a player call up from Lowell given that Dan LaCouture was placed on waivers. Probably Barry Tallackson. Maybe Jason Ryznar or Tuomas Philman. Dare I suggest Justin Papineau? Who knows, we'll find out tomorrow night.

IN OTHER RECENT NEWS: I completely missed this yesterday, but the Devils and the city of Newark has completed a new agreement with respect to the construction of the new arena. The Devils also award mayor Cory Booker a free away Devils jersey. The Devils main website has more on the story and a nice picture. What of Continental Airlines Arena? The Bergen Record has some more details on that, apparently governor Jon Corzine doesn't think it's doomed. Me? I don't really care about CAA when the Devils open their new and, more importantly, train-accessible arena.

Martin Brodeur is THE NHL's Second Star of the last week. 2-1 record, 2 consecutive shutouts, and 2 milestones. Congratulations to Martin Brodeur.

The Devils completed October with a record of 6-4-1, consisting of an impressive 4-0-1 record at home and a disappointing 2-4-0 record away from home. Martin Brodeur, in my opinion, was the best player for the Devils in the last month. He really only got drilled in 2 games (Home opener against Toronto and that Ottawa game), mostly due to his defense leaving him out to dry. 3 shutouts and many saves to keep the Devils in almost all of their games is worthy of being the first ILWT Devil of the Month. November looks to be a bit more difficult with 5 home games and 7 away games, ending with a brutal 4 game West Coast trip.

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