Saturday, February 10, 2007


2/10: News & Bits

The Devils will play tomorrow against the Tampa Bay Lightning on NBC. Even in High Definition! Sweet. But until then, there are somethings I want to highlight.

First, a bit of a prospect update: International Scouting Services has revealed their top 30 prospects for the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. Hockey's Future has an article with the list while highlighting who's stock is rising and falling. New Jerseyan James van Reimsdyk is ranked third on the list.

Second and somewhat related to the first, Tom Gulitti's column in today's Bergen Record examines Jim Dowd's effect on New Jersey hockey players. In terms of high school sports, New Jersey has some really strong football and basketball programs in the entire nation. It doesn't surprise me that there's some hockey talent growing in the high school ranks as well. I know hockey is expanding, I believe my old high school recently started an ice hockey team for this year. It's an interesting read and highlights that for talented youngsters the path to professional hockey isn't easy with it's multiple potential pathways to the NHL. While it's a bit easier for van Reimsdyk, a member of the United States National Developmental Team; I with the other young New Jersey hockey players playing high school hockey the best.

Third, at, David Kolb gives you a day in the life of Jamie Langenbrunner. Specifically, the day before the Devils' 2-0 win over the Islanders from Thursday. I only wish there were details as to how well Langenbrunner does on the USA Today crossword.

Fourth, heading back to the Bergen Record, Tom Canavan has an article stating that New Jersey is A) on fire and B) catching up to Buffalo for first place in the Eastern Conference. Now, we may already know this, but it's good to see those on the outside, so to speak, recognize how well the Devils are doing as of late. It's also good to see that the Devils aren't taking this as a chance to let up - they plan on pushing forward. Hopefully that will lead to continued dominance, the best kind of dominance in my opinion. Incidentally, the same article also appears in the Star Ledger, which can be accessed here. Why it's a "SportsFlash" is beyond me, it's not exactly something to break news for. Let me demonstrate.
IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT: The New Jersey Devils are playing incredibly well this year. And they're threatening Buffalo to take first place in the conference. You all know what to do with that little bit of info.
See? It just looks silly. But again, it's nice that strong effort and favorable results are worthy of recognition. (Aside: The idea of an Important Action Alert is silly in of itself if you ask me...)

Lastly, the editorial director of, Phil Coffey, names his MVP selection in his Ice Age column. This may surprise you, but it happens to be a goaltender who plays for the Devils. No, it isn't Scott Clemmensen. This may also surprise you, but I just happen to agree with the cut of his jib.

Anyway, we got a game tomorrow, I hope to get the preview up sometime tomorrow morning. If not, the essentials are that you turn on NBC at 3 PM EST and you'll see Devils play (and hopefully beat) the Lightning. Enjoy.

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