Monday, February 19, 2007


Notes & Bits

IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT!! The New Jersey Devils are playing very well, so says Rich Chere in the Star Ledger! 19-5-4 in their last 28! Brodeur starting against the Rangers on Tuesday! Use this to speak the truth to power! (Except Lou already knows this! Probably!)

Or you can direct this and other thoughts to Tom Chorske. Tom Lycan at Devils Due says that Chorske wants to hear from you. An email address is provided for your use in speaking truth to Chorske: njdevilsradio AT Do be respectful though, it's good that he's opening things up like this and it would take a big jerk to ruin it just for the sakes of being a jerk. So don't be a jerk.

UPCOMING TRADE DEADLINE ANALYSIS VIS A VIS THE DEVILS: The Devils can't even call up players from the Lowell Devils right now, they don't have the cap space to make any significant deals. So don't expect one.

I've made some additions to the side bar here. I linked a long, rambling post about Stevens Night I did earlier this month that I still like to reminisce about from time to time. (No, not the post; I should have been clearer, I mean Stevens Night) Also, if you like your sports blogs with an edge similar to, say, Deadspin; you probably should start reading Big Body Presence. It's by a number of guys from Something Awful and while I wouldn't recommend it to, say, a family-friendly audience; if you're into the Deadspin-like style you'll likely enjoy it. All the same, it's there. Also, I finally take another page out of Devils Den and provide a link to James Mirtle's blog. He's a hockey journalist and a good one, so that's there too.

Thanks for the link, John. It's good to see another active Devils blog out there.
Thank you, James Mirtle. I enjoy your work as a journalist. I'll do the best I can with ILWT in the mean time.
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