Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Postgame: Devils 3 - Rangers 2, SO

The New Jersey Devils defeated the New York Rangers by a score of 3-2 via a shootout. has the official score sheet and official super stats, linked respectively.

Well, I just caught some of the game that I missed on tape as I listened to the end of the third period and overtime on my way home from class. It didn't look like the Devils were the better team. It didn't sound like the Devils were the better team. And according to someone who's seen the whole thing, I must agree with Tim Mo at RaReMaDev: the Devils were certainly not the better team against the Rangers. The Devils gave up too many penalties, they had trouble keeping pace in the game - often letting NY dictating the pace, and got significantly outshot. There are a multitude of reasons why the Devils should not have won this game.

However. They did win the game. They kept it close and held on to take the game to a shootout, where Martin Brodeur was sharp - as highlighted in today's Star Ledger article by Rich Chere. There, they got the win; and it can be said that winning games when your team doesn't play well speaks well of the team. I sort of agree, but I prefer the Devils to play well regardless of the result. I believe it builds more momentum, reinforces good habits and smart plays, and increases confidence than a win whilst playing poorly.

But I'm just splitting hairs, I suppose. There really is no time to focus too much about a game against a team that isn't even the playoffs. The Devils won and they have the New York Islanders to focus on tomorrow. Continue onward, Devils.


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