Sunday, March 04, 2007


Postgame: Boston 4 - Devils 1

The Boston Bruins defeated the New Jersey Devils by a score of 4-1. As always, has the official score sheet and the official super stats of the game, linked respectively.

Well, I could go into detail about this game; but I won't. I'll just hit some highlights. Shorthanded goal against puts the Devils in the "lead" for that stat with 10. Skating through a fog for 2 periods. Elias choosing pass over shooting. Parise, Zajac, and Langenbrunner choosing not to do much save for a few moments in the third. Sergei Brylin give away in the defensive zone for the goal. Chico Resch describing the performance as one of the Devils' worst all season - before the game was even over.


For a far more detailed recap, check out Tim Mo's recap of the game at RaReMaDev.

This coming week of games - at Philadelphia, at Pittsburgh, and at Buffalo - just got more crucial. If the Devils drop those games and/or put in poor performances, then it's time to start being concerned about the team. Tonight was an (obviously) incredibly poor game by New Jersey; I hope Lou or Julien run the Devils hard in practice as a result. The Bruins? They played great. The Devils, the exact opposite of that. What a brutal game...


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