Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Rd. 1, Game 4: Devils 4 - Tampa Bay 3, OT

The New Jersey Devils tied up the series in a thrilling 4-3 OT victory. As always, has the official scoresheet and official super stats for the game, linked respectively.

The Devils had a two goal lead and it was good.

The Lightning struck back with a tip-in and a lucky break (in the sense that Vincent Lecavalier was completely wide open on Martin Brodeur's flank - YOU MISSED YOUR COVERAGE, LUKOWICH) to tie it up and it was bad.

Then the Devils started working, getting brilliant chances with Devils alone with the puck in front of Holmqvist. Bouncing pucks, missed shots, last-ditch saves and defensive blocks prevented at least 7 strong scoring stances. Johan Holmqvist was challenged constantly and he rose to the task.

In OT, power plays were blown by both sides, the Devils and Lightning were robbed of opportunities. But Cory Sarich made the problem of shooting into Scott Gomez' shin pads. The puck luckily bounced off the shins ahead of Gomez, and a two-on-one presented itself. Gomez had other opportunities this game, this series, this season where Gomez would pass it and the resulting shot would go wide or be robbed by the goalie or the defenseman would dive to block the pass - ultimately killing it.

Scott Gomez shot it and shot it high.

Top left corner and in.

The series is now tied as it goes back to New Jersey for Game 5.

Nothing is over. Not by a long shot.

Go Devils.

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