Saturday, April 21, 2007


Rd. 1, Game 6: Devils @ Tampa Bay

The New Jersey Devils have a chance to win the series as they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning in front of a national TV audience.

Local TV: NBC
Local Radio: 770 AM, WABC
Devils Lead the Series 3-2 Preview


I could sit here and type of the same things over and over again. Limit Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis as much as possible. Score first and don't sit on the lead. Actually utilize the extra space a power play usually results in. Don't take shots if there is an opposing player literally right in front of you, especially at the point. So on and so forth. It all comes down to one thing that the Devils must do.


The Tampa Bay Lightning are in a must-win situation and the conditions for this one favor them. The Devils, for some reason, don't do as well in matinee games this season. More important than that, the game is in Tampa Bay. The St. Petersburg Times Forum will be full, it will be loud, and it will give the Lightning players the very definition of a "lift" when necessary. It is imperative that the Devils take the crowd out of this game ASAP. It is imperative to pour as much misery on the Lightning as possible and quickly. The Lightning need to win this game and a tied-up series will give them a new hope to win the series. All the good work of Game 5, a decisive victory by the Devils, would go to waste and the Lightning would go straight into Game 7 with momentum should the Devils fail to do one thing.


At this point, Martin Brodeur has got his playoff groove back and should perform very well in Game 6. Richard Matvichuk continues to play incredibly well, with an amazing 12 blocked shots over the last two games. Andy Greene has stepped it up both from the point and in his own end. The EGG unit seems to have found their scoring touch and Zach Parise remains a dominant forward for the Devils so far this postseason. The tools are there, the momentum is in New Jersey's favor by virtue of winning the last two games, the players have the skill and have proven they can beat the Lightning, and the confidence is there by all indications. Now is the time take that hope away. Now is the time to nail the proverbial coffin. Now is the time to just do one thing.


DUAL ASIDES: It has come to my attention that The NHL Arena Program blog will be doing a live-blogging of Game 6. I suggest you check it out tomorrow if you are near a computer for the game.

Also, it has come to my attention that In Lou We Trust had our 10,000th visitor sometime last week. I believe someone from British Columbia if I'm reading my own SiteMeter correctly. Thanks everyone.

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