Thursday, May 17, 2007


Notes and Notes, 5/17

I'd like to apologize for the week-long lack of posts. But I won't because there really is nothing Devils-related to make a post about. Such is the deal with the off season, especially with the Stanley Cup Playoffs still on-going. From where I sit, it looks to be an Ottawa-Detroit final. The Red Wings thoroughly owned, pwned, and qwned the Ducks in Game 3 and with Anaheim short one (1) Chris Pronger, Detroit can make the series their own with a win tonight. The Senators are playing on another level, nearly completing a comeback to sweep the Buffalo Sabres last night. If/when the Senators get their fourth win, does that mean Buffalo's style of play is not suitable for the New NHLâ„¢?

Regardless of whether you agree with that spot assessment or not, you should be reading Interchangeable Parts. Pookie and Schnookie have done an admirable job in covering each game with their live-blogs.

Speaking of other blogs you should read, Patricia has announced the new writer at 2 Man Advantage: Darren Shetler of Drop the Puck. Darren has made his first post yesterday with some thoughts about the upcoming off season. Darren must not be afraid of controversy given that he suggested a return of the Jeff Friesen as well as making Sergei Brylin the top center with Patrik Elias and Brian Gionta. Very interesting, to say the least.

Trendon at On Fire is already doing a player-by-player review of the Devils' season. I completely and wholeheartedly agree that Brodeur is the Devils' top man this season. I also think that anyone who says otherwise clearly was not paying attention to the Devils this season at all.

The World Championships? Well, the United States lost to Finland 5-4 in an extended shootout. Parise did not get on the score sheet and did not score in the shootout, unfortunately. There's always next year for the Americans. Finland eventually went onto the WC final, losing to Canada 4-2. Canada's win is their 24th gold medal in the competition. I completely missed that Sergei Brylin joined Team Russia in the WCs at the same time Parise joined Team USA; Russia won the bronze medal against Sweden with a 3-1 win. Brylin played 2 games, but earned no points.

As far as what I'll do, well, posting is going to be more sparse short of any Devils-related news. I'm sure things will pick up when the Stanley Cup Playoffs end, since there's the NHL Draft in June and then free agency begins on July 1. Somewhere in between all this, I'm confident Lou Lamoriello will decide on a new head coach for the team. Hopefully sooner rather than later, since I think the coach should have some idea (and some input) as to what moves the Devils should make.

This isn't to say that I'm taking off completely. I plan on writing about other matters; thoughts about the NHL, fights, the Devils' off season (once the new salary cap limit is announced - supposedly it's going up another 2 million or so), and the past.

i'm not as confident in lou as i have been in years past.
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