Wednesday, June 20, 2007


15 to Remember

I cannot believe I missed this. Thanks to the Devils forum on HFBoards for pointing this out.

Fox Sports NY is airing a series called 15 to Remember, closing the celebration of the Devils' 25th season of existence in New Jersey. Starting tonight and every Wednesday night at 8 PM all the way through September, Fox Sports NY will air the 15 most memorable games from this past season.

The press release and the schedule for this is on the New Jersey Devils' main website.

That's right: hockey during the summer.

Granted, it's not new - just rebroadcasted footage. But still, it's Devils hockey. Tonight's game is the glorious 4-0 thrashing of the Carolina Hurricanes at the beginning of last season. If I recall correctly, that is the one where Carolina had a second Stanley Cup banner raising ceremony. Ah, good times.

All the games they are showing are definitely good ones for the Devils. You can tell with the lack of anything from November and the second round of the playoffs; not to mention four wins over the Rangers. Nice.


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