Thursday, July 05, 2007


Devils Sign Kevin Weekes

TSN is reporting that the New Jersey Devils have signed goaltender Kevin Weekes. As Lou Lamoriello states in the article, Weekes was signed primarily to be an experienced back-up goaltender for Martin Brodeur.

Well, this is likely the end of Scott Clemmensen's career in New Jersey unless he wants to sign with Lowell. Don't be fooled by Weekes' numbers from last season, Weekes is a capable goaltender. He was a starting goaltender a couple years back for Carolina prior to the lockout and did pretty well. He's only been the back-up in New York due to the emergence of Henrik Lundqvist. Needless to say, Weekes will once again be a back-up for Brodeur.

The question that should be asked is whether the signing of Weekes means Brodeur will play less than 70 games. I've stated before that I think it would be best to let the best goaltender in hockey decide how many games he wants to play. However, it would not be the worst thing in the world for Brodeur to get a rest and Weekes to get 15-20 starts - as Weekes is a much more experienced and proven talent than Clemmensen. Knowing what I know about Weekes, I have no problem with him getting starts provided he gets ice time more regularly then Clemmensen has got over in recent seasons. Of course, the Devils can have Brodeur play 70 games or more provided Brodeur has no problem with playing that much (and all indications during his career show that it is not a problem). But I don't think Weekes can be like Corey Schwab, play once in a six week span and still provide quality goaltending (I don't think many goaltenders can do that, much less want to).

$1.375 million over two years (I hope I'm reading the article right that it's $1.375 million over two year) for a quality back-up goaltending option is a great price. Even if Weekes sees less than 10 games in action, the Devils did not pay a lot for a solid insurance option; let's be realistic, if Brodeur goes down due to injury, the Devils are in serious trouble - period. If Weekes plays a relatively decent amount of games and does well in net, giving the best goaltender in the NHL more rest, then it's a great bargin.

What's more, Kevin Weekes' has his own website with his own (very catchy) theme song. (Someone on HFBoards pointed this out. Thanks.)

As an aside, if you need further proof as to why Lou Lamoriello is excellent at being a general manager, consider the past few days. He's addressed team needs by signing free agents without overpaying them - keeping Johnny Oduya, Karel Rachunek, Dainius Zubrus, and now Weekes. More amazingly, he's doing all this with a vacancy at the head coaching position - these guys are signing with New Jersey without knowing who will coach them in the coming season. That is simply astonishing, in my opinion.


I'll take Weekes over Clemmensen any day of the week, and I too hope that Brody gets all the playing time he wants, but doesn't have to over do it, because his backup isn't capable.

I like this signing, and you're right, it's amazing that Lou can bring in a group of FA's, without a head coach!
Also, according to this THN article, on who's left for UFAs, Souray was said to be on the verge of signing with New Jersey?

Great, if true.
The Devs need to get Souray. Sure, he was something like a -20 last year, but he would add an unbelievable dimension to the Devils power play. Not only that, you could pair him with the Devils best defensive defenseman in Colin White and suddenly you've got a pair who can skate well and hit. And a guy who shoots the puck 105 MPH.

The Weekes signing is a good one if nothing more than if Marty has a knee injury or something, the Devils won't be done for good.
For some reason, I'm getting the feeling that Kevin is going to have one bad ass mf'n paint scheme on his new Devils mask. I can't wait to see it.
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