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It's Sutter (Updated)

Well, this is not a very well kept secret. The front page of the sports section in the Star Ledger has it in big, bold letters: Devils ready to tab Brent Sutter. Rich Chere's article can be found online here. Tom Gulitti's blog Fire & Ice states that there will be a press conference today at 1 PM to announce Sutter has the new head coach of the Devils. Well, to be precise it's a "major announcement;" but it's clearly Sutter from both articles. This story is on the front page of right now, showing the magnitude of this signing - and the fact that there's not much going on in the world of hockey right now.

Anyway, I got the Star-Ledger right in front of me and their reasons for why Sutter is a good fit for the Devils is as follows:

1. No-nonsense personality
2. History of winning. Winning as a player with the Islanders in 1982 and 1983, winning as a coach with Red Deer winning the WHL and Memorial Cup, and internationally winning with two World Junior Championship titles (as a coach, I assume).
3. He's a Sutter - which means grit and skill will be favored.
4. He's learned from legendary coach Al Arbour, whom Sutter played for during his time on Long Island.
5. No fear - how this is different from #3 is beyond me, but whatever.

All good reasons, I'm more confident about the signing. After all, while I still think Pat Burns is the best man for the position, aspects of Sutter are Burns-esque. Also, Lou generally knows what he's doing when it comes to personnel decisions, so this signing will likely turn out well.

Some notes from Chere's article are of interest: Lou has talked with Zach Parise and Parise hopes to sign a new contract soon. Paul Martin's contract talks are just that right now: talks.

Lastly, the Devils' official website has been re-designed and given a new address. The old address just re-directs you to the new site, so no need to worry about learning a new URL just yet. It's not bad, a bit busy in my opinion, but all the information you'd want is there. Plus new Prudential Center pictures.

No idea how well covered the press conference will be; but hopefully it'll just be to announce Sutter as the new head coach. I don't want any surprises or anything like that.

UPDATE: Now it's official, Brent Sutter is now the new head coach of the New Jersey Devils. Congratulations to Sutter for the position, I wish nothing but the best of luck to achieve success in New Jersey.


ehh not bad...

back to the pairings, how about:

Yes, the WJHC Gold Medals were as a coach, in back to back years, and I believe the team went undefeated both years.

Great hire by Lou
While I appreciate Coach Burns, there is no question that Sutter was the best for the job, even if Burns was healthy. In this "new realm" of the NHL and it's philosophy: Young players MUST play. Who know's if Burns would've played our young kids as much as Sutter will. A great aspect being overlooked is Sutter's patience with young kid's and teaching the game. He bring's along young talent period, he resume defines it. There was no other choice to make. Also, when TSN and CBC is constantly talking for the past two years that he should be in the NHL..that just highlight's why this is a great move.

Thankfully, it also show's the respect hockey people have for Lou. When horrible and foolish media types specualted that no one would want to come to the Devils because of Lou, he sign's the best coaching candidate in the entire hockey world. That slaps the critics their collective faces does it not? Also, when Lou steps down in a few years, don't be surprised if he (sutter) is the new leader.
John, you've got to read this aticle by Larry Brooks re: the circumstances of Julien's firing. It's a wild story.

I'd love to take a poll on who you think the mystery Devil is?
Thanks Ondevil for the clarification. Thanks al for the information; I didn't know Sutter was that highly regarded by TSN and the CBC talking heads. With respect to young players, I don't remember Burns playing too many of them - nor do I remember any significant young talent to note outside of Brian Gionta (who did get time under Burns).

Anonymous, good find on the Brooks article. I heard rumors that Scott Gomez in particular hated Julien. Pandolfo and Madden weren't fans either. I'm not sure it was any of them, in fact I get the impression the team in general didn't like Julien after a while; but it wouldn't surprise me.
John, if I had to bet money on one Devil firing the puck at Julien, it's Madden.
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