Friday, July 20, 2007


More Misc.

Such is the offseason; hence, the really light posting. There are a few things I'd like to call attention to:

2 Man Advantage has been expanded to 5 people now, including two new writers and the return of Joe Betchel. 2MA hasn't been quiet either, noting that the Devils actually had two more signings in this past week: the retaining of Grant Marshall and the signing of Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre. I must echo Patricia Greuter's comments that both of these signings are for Lowell. Marshall's NHL time is past and Grand-Pierre just isn't good enough. Hopefully the two can bolster the Lowell Devils in their coming season.

Interchangeable Parts continues to give reasons why they love hockey and why their readers love hockey. If you want to submit a reason, give them an email; I'm sure they won't mind - reading their blog seems to make you a Gentle Readerâ„¢.

Kukla's Korner generally has a treasure trove of articles and thoughts about the NHL and hockey in general on a day to day basis. Yesterday, Paul notes that the NHL has announced an agreement with NeuLion to stream hockey games over the Internet for a fee. A pretty good move by the NHL if you ask me; those who want to watch their favorite team who don't live in the local area can watch the game as opposed to listen to it (which they can do at for free) without Center Ice (the TV version, this seems to be an online version of Center Ice) or other means. However, the main drawback may be the quality; Center Ice on your TV would likely be a better picture than streaming video. But that remains to be seen. Even if the quality is not so good, Rome wasn't built in a day. In terms of viewing live hockey online, I think this is a good start. Also, I need to read Kukla's Korner more often.

Anyway, that's it for now. A few dead sites were removed, some other links have been added and fixed so until something happens soon, expect more of not much to happen here. All the Devils really need to do that is some priority is sign Zach Parise and Paul Martin. Maybe that will happen soon.

UPDATE THAT DOESN'T WARRANT A NEW POST: Ian Moran is now a member of the Devils organization. Thanks to Patricia at 2 Man Advantage for letting me know. This has to be another signing for Lowell. Moran is a bad defenseman who makes bad plays (right, Andrew?). In other minor-league defenseman news, Alex Brooks and Jim Fahey are no longer with the organization - also pointed out at 2MA. Where are they now? Well, a quick look for their player profiles at reveals that Brooks is now with the St. Louis Blues and Fahey is a new member of the Chicago Blackhawks. Best of luck to the both of them in with their new organizations.


There have also been a few very good postings by Stan Fischler on his blog the past two weeks focusing on Rafalski, Gomez and Lamiorello. Fischler's blog is on the MSG Game On blog site:
Good summer reading for hockey fans!
Lowell paper reporting Marshall will be team captain. Hoepfully, Klienendorst will play him up with Bergfors.
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John, the mediocre defensemen stockpiling we have Ian Moran too. Will it ever end?

Ian Moran?

I don't mind him that much. He's destined for the Baby Devils. I honestly think Lou is trying to have a solid AHL blue line this year by taking sub-par/mediocre NHLers and putting them in an AHL position, which makes them look like all stars LOL.

In all fairness, Lou is working smart here -- last year we had no cap room to work with when someone got injured. Alex Brooks would have NEVER seen NHL time had he not had an attractive, league minimum contract. When Colin White undoubtedly goes down with his annual groin injury, we can at least call up someone semi-decent in Grand-Pierre or Moran, rather than a Fahey or Brooks. It's a lateral move, losing Fahey/Brooks and gaining Grand-Pierre/Moran, but in the long run I think it's pros outweigh its cons.

Woo, long post. Sorry 'bout that.

Oh, and thanks for the shout out John!

Just so you know, I read your site daily, it's definitely my favorite Devils blog out there. Keep up the great work, my friend!

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