Thursday, August 16, 2007


Paul Martin - Re-Signed

Tom Gulitti is reporting at his blog, Fire and Ice, that Paul Martin has re-signed with the New Jersey Devils. No word on for how much or for how long, but the signing leaves the Devils with no more restricted free agents. As I get more information, I'll update this post. (Note: Thanks to the Devils message board HFBoards for finding this out first.)

UPDATE #1: Devils' official web-site announces the deal as a multi-year deal, but no word on amount or exactly how many years. However, the important bit is that Paul Martin has been signed.

UPDATE #2: Gulitti's post has been updated to note that Martin has signed with the Devils for 3 years. Still no word on contract amount.

UPDATE #3: The signing is announced through the AP, Martin has signed a 3 year deal worth $11.5 million, the article is at Yahoo! Sports. Martin will get a $500,000 raise in every year; earning $3.5 million for the upcoming season. That's a salary cap hit of approxmiately $3.83 million. It's under what I thought it would be - as I thought in this post earlier this month - and it's a bargain for the Devils. Great signing.


John, the terms are fair and expect Paul to have a huge year under Robinson.

Also, Lou's hired a new trainer under the radar--I guess all those nagging injuries were Palmer's fault.
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