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Zach Parise Will Stay For A While

Yep. The left winger who you all know as Zach Parise has signed a 4 year contract totalling $12.5 million, according to TSN. Parise put up 62 points last season, with a team-leading 31 goals; and it doesn't look like he'll be stopping his production anytime soon. For an average of $3.125 million per year, that is a complete bargain should Parise continue to develop into a first-line caliber scoring winger. An absolute bargain. You can argue it's a bargain right now.

The most interesting thing, and the only aspect where I have a complaint, about this re-signing is it's length. Parise just turned 23 a few days ago (July 28th, happy birthday Zach), so a 4 year contract should take him to 27 which will make him eligible for unrestricted free agency should the UFA status under the current contract bargaining agreement still holds (27 years old or 7 pro seasons, whichever comes first). This is my only caveat about this contract. Should Parise continue to grow and develop, he can simply sign with any other team he wants just as he will hit the prime of his career. So unless the Devils plan to sign him to a sweet extension in 3 or 4 years from now, the possibility of Parise leaving New Jersey as he approaches the peak of his playing years is quite real. I wish the contract was for 5 or 6 years, tie him up with New Jersey a little more. That said, that is more of a future problem than it is a current problem. Right now, holding onto a potential future star in the NHL for a salary as low as this is absolutely solid. Great job, Lou.

The only remaining thing the Devils have to do now is to re-sign Paul Martin. With roughly $7 million in cap space, money should not be an issue. From what I see and understand, I can see Martin getting $4 million/year - he is pretty much a top-pairing defenseman now, he can command that much money - but maybe not much more than that for now. If the contract is in that range or a little higher, the Devils will actually have some cap space during the upcoming season. This means New Jersey can call up players from Lowell to fill in open slots from injuries and perhaps more breathing room at the trade deadline.


John, remember this about the length--with the exception of Scott Niedermayer, who has Lamoriello failed to resign that he truly wanted.

He practically walked Gomez from his Hoboken home to the Garden, and told an aging Rafalski, you're too pricey.

Also, who knows what this team will look like in 4 years, you'll have Frazee in net, Corrente may be your captain, and Zajac your #1 center.
A caveat about the length... it seems he will actually be an RFA at the end of his contract.

7 years of accrued service or 27 years of age. His accrued years starts with the season after the lockout since he did not play before the lockout and his birthday is July 28.... the cutoff is June 30 for age with respect to free agency. At the end of this contract, he will be 26 and have 6 years of accrued service, making him an RFA.

This is good news, at it gives Lou another shot to lock him up long term before he reaches UFA status.
Good call on the age anonymous #2, I completely forgot about the cut-off date for contracts. That seems to be right, regarding his status.

Anon #1 also has a point - if Lou wants him - considering Anon #2's comment - Parise remaining a RFA at the end of his contract, it'll be easier to keep him.
I wrote a lengthy comment last night, but it wouldn't let me post it for some reason. :)

In short, I understand and agree with what you are saying on Parise's contract length, but you'd have to be insane, as an agent, to do anything but sign up to to the door of UFAland.
Paul Martin at 4 Mill per year? Excuse me but that would be a huge mistake. He has done absolutley nothing to to warrant that money and he is living off of draft/scouting reports. He is not nor will ever be Scott Neidermayer but at least be solid every night. I know he is young and will make some mistakes, but he has not imporved in two years and it just can't be blamed on Julien.

It's time for Paul Martin to be at least half of what he was billed to be. Parise deserved the money, not Martin. Martin is getting this sort of money based on mediocrity.

Let's hope he he improves.
I agree with Trendon. I bet part of the negotiations with Lou and Parise's agent had to do more with the fact that I bet Parise took a little less money for fewer years so that he could hit the open market at the perfect time...27 years old, probably a hell of a lot of goals under his belt and the cap probably being raised to about $65 million or so at that point. The agent got a good salary now, but he set Parise up for a perfect situation. The good news is that Lou could always try and redo the contract if Parise continues along his current path. Course I doubt they'd ever want to do tht.
just for clarification: will parise be an RFA or UFA? there was talk about an age technicality (zach being 26 instead of 27) making him an RFA at the end of the contract and was curious if this was indeed true. most people are saying UFA...?
I'm a bit confused by it all, to be honest. The point that it's this long so Parise can maximize his salary when he does hit the prime of his career (usually 26, 27) is right on, thanks Blez and Trendon. I want to say he'll be an RFA, but should there be any change to the CBA or someone points something else that shines more light on this issue; I'll wait until the contract nears its end before making a judgement.
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