Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today is September 11

Specifically, today is the sixth anniversary of the most horrific attack ever occurred in the United States of America by outside forces upon the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and Flight 93 which was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

For myself and many others, this day six years ago was one of the worst days of the lives we have lived so far. The fact that there was so much destruction, that so many died all kinds of feelings: sadness, sorrow, infuriation, confusion, and absolute shock. I emphasize the absolute shock, I was more stunned than anything. Stunned that the people I never knew, never met, and would never want to meet me would want me or someone like me or someone not like me except that they lived in the same country as I do would be so evil, so driven to kill me, someone like me, or someone not like me for the charge of just being in America. Stunned with the cold reality that such an attack succeeded at causing so much pain to so many people. Stunned that there are some who wish to repeat those attacks or commit larger ones for some evil cause. Stunned that someone actually decided that this was a good thing to do; that so many others worked to make it happen; that so many carried the plans out; and that none of them seemingly stood up and said "no." Stunned by all this and much more.

To this day, reflecting on what occurred, I am still a bit shocked. While I can't say I feel exactly the same way I did then, I remain a bit shocked. To be frank, I hope never to feel that way again; but this newer shock is not just from what happened but also from what is still happening. That there remains people who will plan to want many others dead for no reason at all, which unfortunately may never change. That people who live here - people who know damn well what happened six years ago - deny the events, ignore what went on, come up with absolutely retarded "reasons" and "explanations" as to what happened on September 11, 2001 running the gamut to the ignorant to the unscientific to purely bigoted motivations to the absolutely retarded under the guise of "truth" and "asking questions." That there remains those who want me dead seemingly for the "crime" or "sin" of being in America and wanting to see it continue forwards (among other possible "crimes" or "sins"), and unfortunately that may never change. I wish I could put it better, but all I can describe the my most nagging feeling concerning that day as shock, among other feelings.

Suffice it to say, today is September 11. We can not live in the past, nor should we; but we most definitely should respect the dead, honor those who have helped out on that horrific day, and never forget what happened. To this end, I offer my thoughts, prayers, and sympathies to all those who have suffered and have been affected in any way by the attacks and tragedies from that horrible, terrible, miserable day.

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