Sunday, October 14, 2007


I Will Be Heard

This is the post where I normally would discuss last night's game, the crazy and wild 6-5 win over the Atlanta Thrashers. This is where I would normally discuss how the Devils found great success by constantly shooting the puck (35 shots) and being effective on the power play (3 for 7! Yes, the Devils went 3 for 7 on the power play). I would note that Patrik Elias has had a big game with the game winning goal in two power plays goals and an assist; proving all his critics quite wrong. Also, I would normally mention how the defense really needs to get back to basics in terms of positional and zone coverages as the Devils got lit up, despite the loss. Giving up three in a period is not acceptable.

But I won't. Well, except for those words, of course. Namely, I want to engage in some self-promotion. I will be heard on the radio tonight. Yes, the actual radio. I will be on Robert Kowal's New York Hockey Talk on 1240 AM, WGBB tonight. The show runs from 9 PM to 10 PM; I'm not sure exactly when I'll be on, but I'm slated to appear on the show anyway. You can listen by tuning into 1240 AM or through a stream at the NY Hockey Talk website. Please tune in as I try very hard to avoid sounding utterly silly, stupid, or too nervous to speak.

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Good luck John! Don't worry, you'll do a great job. I'll be sure to tune in tonight. (=

Don't worry John, you'll be fine, just do what you do best: talk about our Devils. I ll try to listen to the show. Good luck!!
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