Sunday, December 09, 2007


Rangers 1 - Devils 0, OT

Brendan Shanahan just scored early in overtime on a one-timer that beat an otherwise unbeatable Martin Brodeur.

The defense bended, allowing the Rangers to have 29 shots on net, but didn't break until overtime. Martin Brodeur was perfect in stopping them all except for the one he had no real chance on. The offense didn't really show up as the Devils only put 17 on net - and seemingly shot more than that wide.

Despite stopping them during regulation, the Rangers built on momentum with shot after shot and eventually got their break.

Analysis? Here it is: This loss sucks because the Devils weren't fully in it and the Rangers were.

But we can't dwell on it - the Devils have to immediately go down to Washington DC and play the Capitals tomorrow night. Hopefully, the team will bring their A game tomorrow.


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