Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hear Me

Once again, it's time for some shameless self promotion, everyone.

I will be on New York Hockey Talk with Rob Kowal on 1240 AM, WGBB for a second time this year. That's right, I was actually invited back. Seriously, I thank you, Mr. Rob Kowal, for having me on your show in advance of my appearance. If you (the reader, I'm pretty sure Rob can hear is own show) can't access 1240 AM on your radio dial, that's OK. New York Hockey Talk streams their show live and has previous shows to download. The show is on Sunday, starting live at 9 PM EST and ending live at 10 PM EST. I highly suggest you listen and not just because I will be on it - though that's a perfectly good reason if of itself.

As you can probably guess, I will be talking about the Devils. In the purposes of self-promotion, this post will remain here until Monday. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the show, how the Devils are doing, or anything else, please leave a comment.

Thanks. Remember, that the show is New York Hockey Talk and it is on at Sunday at 9 PM through 10 PM.

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