Saturday, January 26, 2008


Let's Enjoy the Devils: A Guide

Hi. I'm John Fischer and I write on the Internetâ„¢ at this particular blog, In Lou We Trust. It's come to my attention that blogging requires some snark and tounge-in-cheek writing as well as some bullet-pointed lists. This site is seriously lacking in all of that. Given that it's the NHL All Star break and the last game was horrible, there's not a whole lot to talk about Devils-wise. I've been going to Devils games at the lovely and spectacular Prudential Center for a good chunk of the season so far, and I haven't sat on my high horse in a while. So I figure now is a good as time as any to offer a few tips on what newer fans who may not know about the unwritten rules of being a fan enjoy the Devils.

Step One: Getting Ready
Going to a hockey game requires some preparation. This isn't like some kind of potluck dinner where you can just bring a your supposedly famous tuna casserole and show up and hobnob and mingle and so on and so forth discussing issues like the Monroe Doctrine with your supposed "wit."
Step Two: Showing Up
Showing up is important. It's 80% of success according to Woody Allen. But he's dead wrong here, so don't listen to him. It's 100% necessary to fully enjoy a game where you spent a lot of money on some pretty pricey tickets.
Step Three: The National Anthem
Step Four: Heckling and Chants, or Things to Yell Really Loudly
Step Five: Group Activities
  • If you have friends or family with you, chanting and yelling together is always fun. You're louder, you'll be more supportive, and it can be a bonding experience.
  • Big banners and signs are also encouraged, provided they support the Devils. But no tifos or gigantic ones; people paid to see the game, you know.
  • Speaking of tifos, don't be a soccer-esque hooligan. You'll get thrown out and deservedly so. I stick this under groups because they tend to come in groups.
Step Six: Dealing with the Idiots Next to You, or Handling Fans of the Other Team
Step Seven: There's No Giants Game Afterwards, so You Have to Go Home
Step Aside: What to Do if You Can't Go to the Game?
Following and considering these steps, or the ones you actually read, you too will be on your way to becoming a great Devils fan. Next time, we'll deal with loyalty, or "Don't be a Scotty Unless Your Name is, in fact, Scott." Until the next failed attempt at snark and tounge-in-cheek writing, everyone!

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This may have been bad, but it's got a lot of bullet-pointed lists. You gotta give me that.
lololol that was pretty good. made me laugh. made time pass at work too.
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