Thursday, February 21, 2008


Devils 3 - Sharks 2

Yeah, I know I didn't further analyze the Devils 5-1 win over Carolina, so here it is summed up:
So, let's talk about last night's game. Where the Devils were simply strong against Carolina, this one was a very weird game. The 3-2 win against San Jose is indicative that the Devils are clearly rolling, not just because they are 5-0-1 in their last 6 games. Here is example 1: in the first period, I believe Paul Martin made an errant pass in his zone leaving the puck to be wide open. As a Shark was stretching for the loose puck, he fell down. The Devils picked up on it and rushed up the ice for an odd man rush. Example #2: how all 5 goals were scored
All very odd, none of them were just well placed shots or what you would consider a standard goal. You can't fault Marty on either of the goals given up. You could fault Martin for not destroying Cheechoo in the slot prior to his cuffing of Brodeur - except he was behind and didn't want to hand the Sharks a 2 Man Advantage. You could fault Gionta goal #2 but that was just an unfortunate re-direction. Were Greiss more experienced, he never would have went out for that puck - and if he did, he would have made damn sure he got to it first. He also would have kept his legs closer to the post and with each other. Even so, Greiss did well for a guy who gets even less time than Kevin Weekes.

Oddly enough, San Jose effectively curtailed the Devils' attack by limiting them to 20 shots on net, 17 blocked shots (!!), and 10 missed shots. San Jose got more on net with 32; but it didn't matter. The Devils got the breaks, as they keep on winning. San Jose definitely did not, as they earn their third straight loss on the road and their fifth straight winless game. Considering San Jose went into this road trip with more wins than any other NHL team and while challenging for a top spot in the West, this entire experience must be very demoralizing. On paper, they did a lot of things right. But the Devils out did them in faceoffs, got out hit, and while neither team really outworked the other, the Devils capitalized on plays which normally most don't capitalize on. But that's just example #2.

This is Example #3.

Thanks to Jeffler on HFBoards for finding this. (BTW, check out his Youtube channel, it's awesome.) A save like this was actually made in a game. That's weird, that's odd, and it's all fantastic. Any critics of Brodeur, saying that he's too old or that's overated or whatever else idiots say these days should watch this video and promptly shut up.


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