Sunday, February 24, 2008


In the Meantime...

The Devils are currently playing the Washington Capitals as I type this. In the meantime, I found two more Devils/hockey related sites of interest.

First is Devilscast. Devilscast answers the question, "Where, oh where, can I find a podcast that is central to the New Jersey Devils?" Greg Tartaglia and Brian Monzo are the guys behind the site and show, and they maintain a blog of what's going on with the Devils in addition to their shows. Greg, for example, expresses relief over yesterday's win and provides a WFAN reference to Steve "The New York Metropolitans" Sommers. Site could use some links to other Devils sites, but they got shows to do - so it's understandable.

Second is Slap Shot. Yes, the infamous New York Times actually covers sports - even hockey. And they have a surprisingly deep blog that covers not only all three metropolitan teams - here's Jeff Klein's overall analysis of the Devils' long homestead - but even has posts about everything else in hockey from college to Europe to the industry. While the site is mostly Rangers specific; who knows, as the Devils rise, you may see more New Jersey coverage. After all, they only continue to be the better team in the league.

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