Monday, February 25, 2008


NY Times, Trade Deadline

No, seriously, Jeff Klein of the NY Times asked me a few questions, my answers are up at Slap Shot. Go read it. It'll be a new feature, I enjoyed doing it, and who knows, maybe I'll be featured in future editions. Thanks, Jeff (and also for spelling my name right). Note for the first commenter: I don't care if he retired; I would like to see revenge on Tie Domi, period end stop and so forth.

The NHL trade deadline is tomorrow. Look to 2 Man Advantage and The NHL Arena Program are all up ons (ins?) on what's shaking, baking, and quaking among teams. Not to mention and as well. Steve Stirling has a Devils-centric trade deadline preview that is well worth your time. Tom Gulitti at Fire & Ice has word from head coach Brent Sutter stating that he doesn't expect any roster changes. With the way they've been playing recently, I don't know what Lou would want to necessarily change anyway. James Mirtle has some suggestions as well, for further coverage by Sportsnet and Kukla.

Already, Peter Forsberg has finally decided to return to...Colorado. This is TSN's article so I got to ask what is up with calling it the Peter Forsberg Sweepstakes? He's not in game shape yet, he's injury prone, and while he's likely still oozing talent, unless he plays like he did back a few years, he's not going to put the Avs over the top in a crowded Western Conference. The Avalanche need points now to keep pace for the playoffs and if Forsberg doesn't add to the team from his first few games on - either from him directly on the ice or by lifting up the team - it's not going to look good for them. I'm skeptical of the decision, quite frankly, but I'm always willing to be wrong.

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