Saturday, March 22, 2008


Devils 1 - Pittsburgh 7

Pretend you're the Devils for a moment.

You're at Pittsburgh, a place where you've won the last 3 games there this season. You have the exact same record as the Penguins, tied for first place. This is game is important in shaping who will win the division. You had a frustrating night against the Islanders. Clearly, you go out there and make the most of it. Play with fire, with energy, with passion, and with the effort to get two crucial points.

But you aren't the New Jersey Devils. Because tonight, instead of going for glory, they played like this:

Devils vs Pens 3-22-08

I try to write here without any obscenities; so I can't say anything else about the game except for this: 7-1. Everyone better be on the bikes. Including the coaching staff.

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yeah its extremeley frustrating. on the bright side, assuming the Devils hold on and make the playoffs maybe ending the season in a little bit of a funk will work out, because the last couple of years we've gone in hot and that has not yielded a cup. great blog by the way
Thanks Adam. I don't think the Devils will not make the playoffs short of losing their next 7 games. Maybe it's best to get the garbage out first. Still doesn't excuse last night's horrific performance.
john, this team just cannot score. period. unless marty can hold em to 2 or less, there is no cup. too much is asked of parise, with no supporting cast.
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