Sunday, April 06, 2008


All I Want for My Birthday is a Win

Tonight, it has become official. If the Penguins win, they'll take first in the conference from Montreal. The Flyers snuck into the playoffs and could earn the sixth spot with a win tomorrow. The Washington Capitals did what they had to do to secure the Southeast Division and made the playoffs for the first time since 2002-2003. And the Devils will face Our Hated Rivals in the first round of the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Today's 3 PM game at The Rock will determine who gets home ice. In a playoff series between two hated rivals; home ice is crucial. Fans of both teams are jacked up, just check out this video made by "Weeonta" of HFBoards.

While the Devils lost the seven games these two played so far this season, most of them were rather close. However, the previous seven games do not matter. Today's game is the one that does. Whoever wins will have the momentum going into the playoffs AND have the luxury of hosting the first two games.

Today, I turn 25 years old. And I would love nothing more than to see my favorite team, the New Jersey Devils, destroy the Rangers. Let's go Devils.

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Well, you got your prediction half right: Caps in, but Flyers make it too.

I probably hate the Devils as much as you love them (I'm from South Jersey, and down here, we love the Flyers), but we're both in for some real tough work ahead in the weeks to come.

Philly gets to pick its poison, meaning pulling out the stops to get the win over Pittsburgh and get to play Ovechkin and the Caps on the road. Or, roll over and play Crosby, et seq. and the Penguins.

You, my friend, have a different pill. We've at least beaten both of our potential opponents this year. The Rangers own you, and frankly, the play of the Devils has been very uncharacteristelly non-Devils this past month. They'd better figure it out, or they may not be using those toll passes into more than once.

Good luck to you in the post-season. I'd love to see these Atlantic rivals in the finals, but I think the other two players from our division are likely to be there at the end.
Thank you Anonymous - continue being legion and all that.

Incidentally, if the Devils get a point, they get home ice. More to the point, there's something to be said about how the Rangers have beaten the Devils over and over in the season and they are STILL behind New Jersey in the standings. So if NJ wins today or even Game 1 of the series, the whole Devils-can't beat-the-Blueshirts-in-the-regular-season issue is thrown out the window.

That makes today even more crucial.
Happy Birthday, John! Enjoy it! Go Devils, may they make your day a bit merrier.
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