Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Game 4: Devils 3 - Rangers 5

The Devils could have won this one but:

They gave the game away. They gave the game away. They gave the game away. They gave the game away.

And then they sealed their fate with an own goal.

What Devils fans dread is now becoming a reality. The question now is when? Friday? Sunday? Next Wednesday? Or will the near-impossible occur? I don't know and right now I'm too angry to talk about this one. Doesn't anyone on this team outside of Brodeur want to win this?

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I know you're high on Brodeur, and mostly rightly so, but he hasn't been amazing. He hasn't been regular season Marty. He hasn't even been great. He's played great at times but hasn't been great. Again, there will be doubts. A great regular season and then he gave up too many goals during the playoffs.


Not great. Did he play too much? Was he tired? All the same questions. We know the answers - no. But he hasn't been able to silence the critics. Sad.
Can you imagine how many Ranger fans will be at MSG West tomorrow night to see them win the series? Tons of Devils fans dumping their tickets on Ebay, which loyal fans of the Rangers will be only too willing to buy
Can't hardly blame Marty, while he hasn't been amazing it's been the turnovers by the defense that have made the difference - even the veteran Whitey has been sloppy!

I'm surprised we won a game, to be honest, but look how that win had to come! Madden throwing it in front, and off a Ranger skate. We have no swagger, we don't play with rhythm, our D is completely absent, we aren't physical when we need to be, and we can't score.

Not even Marty can save us from ourselves, in that equation.

Sweet Louie Lams better make some f*cking moves this offseason, because our team is gutted, and it's finally being exposed.

My blood is boiling right now, and this series epitomizes the post-lockout years of the Devils.
99, that's exactly right. no leadership, no creativity, the leam looks pretty lifeless. Some trades need to be made, the only problem is whom do you trade? Elias and Gionta could be franchise producers on a different team (as they have shown), Parise is a keeper...Langenbrunner's our captain, White and Martin are the only solid guys on d. I'd hate to see Madden, Pando or Brylin go. And you can't get much value for the rest of this sorry bunch. The most incredible thing is how close this team is to the cap. I think the trend has reversed: Devils are overspending on less than stellar players, and the Rangers are getting great play from their signings. Not to mention that the Devils farm system is now ranked second worst after Tampa.
OK, lots of comments, I think I just answered some/most of them. Well, except for:

Lenny-I don't think the cupboard is totally bare for NJ, what with Parise, Zajac (let's just assume this is just a sophomore slump, humor me), Clarkson, and Pelley on the roster during the season. Not to mention Bergfors, Vrana, Fraser, Corrente, Tulupov, and Eckford in AHL/prospects. Besides, the Devils usually unearth some good free agent signings out of college or Europe like Oduya or Mottau. I agree the roster will need to be retooled, but we have all offseason to delve into that.
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