Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Once Again at The Times

Jeff Klein has asked me five questions about the upcoming playoff series against Our Hated Rivals. My answers are up at Slap Shot, so go ahead on and read it. Do take the time to read the responses of Scott Olivenbaum, representing the other side. Typical and hackneyed smack talk referencing 1994 (the last year the Rangers did anything of value), attendance, and suggests that the NY faithful will taunt the most experienced, talented, and successful goaltender in the playoffs with a lame chant.

That will look all the more delightful if/when the Devils win. Of course, you could say the same thing in reverse; but why would I suggest that?

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awesome job in the NY Times.. I'm looking forward to your playoff analysis here also
You call Maarrtty a lame chant? At least it sbetter than ripping off the famous Garden whistle and replacing Potvin with Rangers. Unoriginal bastards ...

Good luck tonight (y'all will need it).
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