Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The Detroit Red Wings ARE Champions

In an exciting, action-packed, emotionally-fueled, and excellent Stanley Cup Playoff series, the Detroit Red Wings kept their lead in Game 6 in Pittsburgh to win 3-2. They nearly repeated Game 5's epic failure to hold onto their lead late; but the Detroit has defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Penguins gave an effort, but they were largely outplayed by the Detroit Red Wings. Detroit outshot the Penguins by a large margin (obviously they outscored them), the Red Wings were simply more stingy on defense.

Henrik Zetterberg has won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player of this year's playoff. Chris Osgood raised his game with two shutouts and some big stops all series long. Captain Nicklas Lidstrom remained as the most commanding defenseman in the game today. And the Red Wings were just "on" all series. Correction: They did lose two games, but they were both close games (Thanks to many who've caught my egregious omission.)

While the Penguins have had a great run to get to the Finals; the Red Wings just played better. They are deserved champions and I thank both teams for providing a great series for everyone to watch.

Congratulations the 2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champions, the Detroit Red Wings!

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nit: "The only one they lost was in triple overtime."

Detroit won the series 4-2, not 4-1.
They lost more than the triple overtime game, as they won the series 4-2.

I agree with everything else. They were simply the better team and the best team of the year. Hard to argue against them winning it.
is anyone sickened over the fact that ex devil rafalski won the cup this year and last year ex devil neidermayer won it?

at some point we gotta say enough is enough with lou, we need to retain our star defenseman somehow.....shouldnt be an issue in the near future as we have no star D anymore lol.....
Thanks anonymous and Tim for reminding me that the Red Wings did lose two games. I completely forgot about Game 3. It's been corrected.

Adrock: Well, as I understand it, Rafalski wanted to go play in Michigan - I don't even know if Lou really could have kept him? I can't say it sickens me, Rafalski was a key defender for two Cups for NJ.
Agreed Im not sure what could've been done to retain Rafalski or Neidermayer since it seems like money wasnt a factor in either case.

I just dont know how you can expect to take two huge losses like that and still expect to remain in the elite. I just hope this off-season lou brings a proven "quarterback" defenseman to NJ. While Martin has been solid, I just don't see him stepping up and being able to fill the void left from the departure of these two great players.

What really sickens me is that I read I think on 2MA that lou doesnt think there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made moving into next year....That to me is whats most worrisome... As any devils fan will agree the lack of protection Marty received in the Rangers series was embarassing and the inability to score more goals or have a real offensive catalyst whether it be on the blueline or up front is ultimately what doomed the devils this year....

Lets hope he comes to his senses, but then again your team doesnt make the playoffs 18 out of 20 years by making bad moves....
Nor do you win 2 Atlantic Division titles and still pick up 46 wins in the season where the division wasn't around post-lockout.

To be honest, if the current players on offense step up their games on a more consistent basis, the team changes it's approaches to attacking the puck (personally, I think a new assistant coach would be best for this - sorry John MacLean), and the team collectively works on it's accuracy, they can score more goals. I'm sure of that. I don't think signing a player or players alone will solve these big problems.

That said, Lou is always secretive about his moves. Don't want to reveal too much until the time is right. And even then, it all depends on who is available and at what price. Supposedly, I heard Lou was working to get Marian Hossa, but the price was too much. Though, that's just a rumor, I really don't know how valid it is or the particulars of the situation.
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