Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The New Jersey Devils are the Team of New Jersey

The Devils have re-designed their website and what do I see on the front page?

Devils Jersey's Team

This is excellent. I'm not feeling the cut-away and morphing font, but I applaud this distinction and possible direction the team could take this in. Plus, it allows me to say with some level of confidence (not that I needed it before):
Life is about choices. Choose New Jersey. Choose the Devils.
Hopefully, the Devils will tell Jersey more about themselves in conjunction with this. Let them learn about the history, the organization, the three Stanley Cups, dominance in the Atlantic, the Devil legends (Brodeur, Stevens, Daneyko, Lou), and the team as it is. Let them know that the Devils will always be proud to hail from New Jersey.

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Looks like those new guys they hired for marketing finally stopped sitting on their hands.
Marketing has always been a problem with the Devils. Part of it is Lou's desire to run a tight ship and not play up his stars, but when you've got Brodeur (and in the past Scott Stevens) you should be playing up the fact you've got the best goalie ever. and lets be honest, he is the system all those great defenseman were on the team before him and the Devils were not winners or even contenders.

Your post about Brodeur and Sprite is such a no brainer, yet it hasnt (and probably will never happen). This is a shame, he's got a great personality. The other player they failed with (I might get crucified for this but...) is Gomez. Come on the first legitimate Hispanic-American NHLer who's got lots of charisma and we didnt market him?
It's a great marketing move. NOW, how do you explain to 1/2 of the state that has no access to NJ Devils games on TV...?? Rename them North Jersey Devils...because that is essentially what they are.
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