Friday, October 31, 2008


ILWT to SBN: Thank You All

Not to steal the thunder of naming the October 2008 Devil of the Month, but I have some In Lou We Trust news of my own. If you've been around the hockey-blogosphere, you probably have learned that James Mirtle has made the move - and with a new blog name, From the Rink - to SBNation.

Well, Mirtle's move is bigger than just a new network to write at. He's actually leading an effort to expand the hockey section of SBNation and he has asked me to represent the Devils on the network. I have graciously agreed and I thank James and SB Nation president - and Devils fan - Tyler Bleszinski for giving me the opportunity to expand the scope and audience of In Lou We Trust. They're looking forward to it, I'm looking forward to the move and getting to post on the SBN network, and it's going to happen in a matter of a few days/weeks.

However, what that means is that the domain name is being transferred over to their servers. So over the next few days or so, may lead to absolutely nothing. Until the SBN version of ILWT goes up, I will continue posting here on the Blogger site that I have been using for the last 2 years. That site's URL is I'm hoping that works for everyone involved. Now for the important message:

I would like to thank each and every one of the people who ever linked to or referenced ILWT, be it on a forum or in an e-mail or in conversation or from another blog; the other Devils bloggers both past (e.g. Tom Lycan!) and present (IPB, 2MA); the other bloggers who aren't Devils fans but have complimented me; the others who have corrected and criticized me; those like the NY Times, Rob Kowal, Chris Wassel, Greg Wyshynski, the NHL Fanhouse, Mirtle, and others with media/team connections; and all of the readers - from those who have only visited once and expected something about, I guess, Lou Holtz or some other Lou to those who visit on a regular basis because they love reading anything and everything Devils-related. I understand that's a rather complex run-on sentence, but I truly do thank you all.

I never really expected this blog to take off as it did when I started it two years ago as a bored graduate student, and my only regret has been that I didn't start this sooner. If you have an interest or passion in hockey or news or religion or politics or games or movies or tourism or naked pictures of ugly people or all of that combined - I highly recommend blogging to share and perhaps expand your passion. Just get started at Blogger, all it really costs at the minimum is your time and your Internet connection. If you don't like it, then it's no real issue to stop; and if you get into it, who knows where it can take you. That I'm making this rambling announcement is proof of the latter.

The general point of the blog was really just to get my own thoughts about the Devils out of my head and into some format. If only so I don't try to shoehorn hockey in conversations I have with other people (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.). I'm always impressed at the fact that people, well, read them and either agree or disagree with them; and I think I'll continue to be impressed. I assure you all that the point of ILWT will always be my thoughts on the Devils, Devils-related, and hockey regardless of the network and I hope on your continued readership.

Again, I thank you all and I hope to see you all at SBN when ILWT goes live there. Until then, should be a valid URL to use in case the domain name does go to nothing.


We're definitely glad/lucky to have you.
*zombie drone*

Joiiiiinnn Ussssssss
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