Thursday, October 23, 2008


Important Correction Regarding Avery Last Night

Kyle Murray e-mails me to tell me the following:
"great recap of last night's game. one thing though. you said none of avery's 4 shots really challenged marty. i disagree. the "beautiful kicksave off of a one-timer" that you alluded to later in the recap was an avery shot. the only reason it was easy for me to pick this up is cause chico made a big deal of it and said it was his best save of the night so far"
Ah. He is right. And I even mentioned that one-timer, I didn't realize Avery shot it. Well, then, I stand corrected. Sean Avery did contribute one thing in last night's game. He had a strong shot on net that Martin Brodeur stopped with a stylish kicksave (and it was a beaut). Regardless, Avery was putrid on the ice, the Devils stomped all over the Stars' neck 5-0, and we at the Rock (and those of us who watched it on TV or heard it on the radio) enjoyed that.

Be like Kyle and feel free to e-mail me whatever you think or any questions. Who knows, they may even end up here!

THIS IS SOME NEWS HERE: Gulitti is reporting that Brodeur will start tomorrow night against Philadelphia. As if there was any doubt, but the confirmation is good to have. Also: expect the same line up that torched Dallas for 5 last night. I don't think they'll put up 5, but with the way Philly's bleeding goals - they are tied with, well what do you know, Dallas for the most goals against this season with 29 - who knows!

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