Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Jamie Langenbrunner is Putting His Name Out There Too

Martin Brodeur is a living legend of the sport of hockey at his position. Already on pace to smash Patrick Roy's career wins record, he's the cornerstone of the Devils and finally got a website of his own this season.

Patrik Elias is a long-time Devils known for scoring and helping others score (though not nearly as much as he should be at times). He's come through big in the playoffs and came from some trying times, now with his own site and even a fan page (see the big button on the side).

Well, it seems that someone in the Devils office finally got the organization warming up to having their players as sponsors. Verizon is doing an online contest with...Jamie Langenbrunner. The site speaks of contests and the best front page music since Kevin Weekes' old site. With a sweepstakes to meet, well, Jamie Langenbrunner. Assuming that you think you know him.

I have no issue with this. After all, I'm the guy who keeps stating that the Devils need to spread the seeds and a good way to do that is to get them in front of some promotions. Yet, I can't help but think there's one player who may draw more people to this than Langenbrunner. No disrespect to the captain of the team, but he's not nearly as popular as others on the team. That said, good on him and for the organization for doing this. Hopefully, his teammates get to join in on the fun.

P.S. Gulitti says that Brodeur says that Sean Avery isn't a priority tomorrow night. Well, it shouldn't be. They have to beat the Dallas Stars team. They'll surely lose if they just focus on Avery.

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