Sunday, October 05, 2008


New NHL Full Access Article on Offense

Yes! A few-hours-early article is up on NHL Full Access which previews the offense within the division. I am serious when I say that I expect the Devils' offense to get better. I did find this article through Puck Daddy I didn't get a chance to reference. Mark Everson thinks the Devils will be dynamite if the forwards meet expectations. Given that it's Everson, one has to be cynical as the article feels like a backhanded compliment on one hand. On the other hand, he's got a point in that the Devils' forwards should do much better given how poor they were last season. Should the Devils get more goals, that could mean a couple more wins, and then who knows how far along the Devils would be then.

So yeah, new article. As an aside and because I have no other place to put it: check out this list of blogs by newspapers who cover the NHL from The Columbus Dispatch. Useful! Though, I think they missed a few, like Tom Gulitti of Fire & Ice. NJMG owns the Bergen Record. (hat-tip: Puck Daddy, again!)

Lastly, you need to check out NHL Arena Program on Blogtalkradio. Chris Wassel isn't just a Devils fan and a main guy at The NHL Arena Program; he's a broadcasting machine. He does shows on fantasy hockey and the NHL at a regular rate. And it's getting big. How big? Check out the 10/5 show which features a taped interview with someone special; and coming this Wednesday is a taped interview with Mirtle. Chris and Rick and others have put a lot of effort into doing this regularly and it's great to see their efforts being rewarded with getting interviews like this. I personally was floored with who they got for an interview tonight. when Chris told me the other day. If you're looking for a podcast about the NHL and fantasy hockey with a good medium for listening and interaction, the NHL Arena Program is a good choice. At the least, listen to the 10/5 and the 10/8 shows for the interviews.

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It is funny but true. The Devils have to have amongst the lowest shot percentages as a team in all of hockey. That has to improve this year because it can't get much worse.

And thanks again John.
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