Monday, October 13, 2008


A Quick Thought about Tonight's Loss

After the Rangers' third goal, their second power play goal from Aaron Voros, Glenn "Chico" Resch had the following to say on the telecast: "Well, it's difficult to clear the crease."

That doesn't mean you don't try. Marty can't stop what he can't see. The fact that Voros was able to do it multiple times is inexcusable, especially after the first goal. That said, Voros isn't the new Sean Avery, but the old root cause of the Devils' playoff loss turned it's ugly head; but I'll touch on that tomorrow.

I will say this: this loss sucks, but the sun will come up tomorrow and the season is far from over. This will not last.

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The epic poet Homer once said..."Never try."

Or was that Homer Simpson?
I know its a long season but I hate what I'm seeing. The main beef is that outside of greatly improving the fourth line, the Devils have failed to correct the two glaring problems that will cause them to be boring also-rans once again.
One, the lack of a playmaking center is killing them. No opponent respects the Devils carrying the puck to point of backing off and allowing quality chances to take shape. As a result of this, Brian Gionta's game has suffered the most. With Scott Gomez controlling the puck he created a lot of quality space for Gionta, and Gio delivered. Now forced to fend for himself, Gionta, pardon the pun, has come up woefully short on scoring big goals. In this salary cap era, Gionta is draining the Devils, he should have been traded during the off season before his value continues its in season slide.
Gionta is just one player, but the biggest liability on this team is its play from the point.
There is not one defenseman on this team that consistently gets the puck on net. I'm not asking for goals here, just playable pucks for the forwards in front of the net. Shots from the point are too high, rarely get through opposing players, or mostly miss the net entirely. Its killing the power play not to mention what happens during even strength situations after the forwards exert all of their energy just to hold onto position in the offensive zone. By the time that happens its usually the end of their shift.
Unless personnel or serious tactical changes are made this team is destined for another short run if they get a chance at a run at all
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