Sunday, November 02, 2008


New NHLFA Article Up; Recap Coming Tonight

OK, with a game at the Rock tomorrow, I put up my NHLFA article up just now. It discusses the current issues each team is facing right now based on the past week. A bit obvious in some cases, but they do describe the troubles each team is facing right now. Speaking of NHLFA, you should check out this interview Kevin Orris did with former Hobey Baker finalist Chris Collins. You probably don't know who he is unless you're A) a big Boston College/Hockey East fan, B) a Boston/Providence Bruins supporter, or C) a fan of the team he currently plays for, Rauman Lukko. It's an interesting insight as to what the player goes through in and after college hockey. Hopefully, he'll be able to make it back to North American hockey and prove himself worthy of a shot in the NHL.

Now, as far as last night's game, you may be wondering why you haven't seen anything from me yet. Well, I didn't go to last night's game. I was at the Red Bulls one (and only) playoff game at Giants Stadium; yelling, chanting, wearing two scarves, and beating on a bass drum in section 115 with supporters group Raging Bull Nation. While the team looked good against the Houston Dynamo, the Western Conference leaders and winners of the last two MLS Cups, they got a late equalizer and the game ended 1-1. Given that the first round is a two-game leg, the second game is in Houston, the Red Bulls have only won once on the road this season and never at Houston, and the winner of the aggregate moves on, I can't say I'm confident in their chances. I hope I'll be wrong. Anyway, given the time of the game and the time I finally got out of the Meadowlands (not to mention how tired I was from the drum and how lost my voice was), I wasn't going to be able to see the game live. Circumstances have stopped me from seeing the full game; but I did check up online at, HFBoards, and Fire & Ice last night, as well as Rich Chere's report in the Star Ledger this morning as to see how things went. I've already commented on the big occurrence at the game; but given everything that I've read outside of the injury, it seems that the Devils just stomped all over a terrible hockey team. I'll watch the game shortly this evening and see if that really sums it up.


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