Saturday, October 13, 2007


Why Tonight Favors the Devils

Sometimes, I find that the best way to get prepared for a game is to read the preview at They're good at pointing out recent trends, injuries, and provides an overall view of each team's situation. Here's the one for tonight's Devils game in Atlanta. If you think the first four games have been poor for New Jersey, check out Atlanta's start to the season. In addition to losing considerable talent, they have not even won a game yet. They have scored only four goals while giving up 17, one of their most talented players - and one of the best wingers in the league - Marian Hossa is injured, and their most recent game was a 6-0 rout by the Daniel Briere-less and Chris Drury-less Buffalo Sabres. If you think it's dim for the Devils, then it's completely dark for the Thrashers. I believe it's fair to say that the Thrashers are playing poorer hockey than New Jersey and for that reason alone, the Devils should be favored to win. I'm quite confident that Brent Sutter, whom I hope is feeling better, will not allow his team to sleepwalk through a second consecutive game. Assuming that Atlanta continues to play miserably, of course. My first inclination is to believe that Atlanta will be hungry for a win after such a big loss, but considering how poorly they have been playing, I can't even count on that. I'm not guaranteeing or predicting a win for the Devils, I just think they are likely to win. As a fan, I reserve the right to be wrong (heh).

Before tonight's game, check out the following:

Trendon Lynch at On Fire has an update on six Devils prospects. It's quite positive, as these six have started their respective seasons very strong. It's definitely worth checking out.

Patricia Greuter at 2 Man Advantage is holding a contest. Give her some info, she'll give you a sticker, you put it somewhere and take a picture, and you can win some merchandise. I'd like to give you a hint and inspiration from Brian Ellis Rules, but apparently, the stickers section isn't working. Ah, well. You'll come up with something.

From the AP, Jesse Boulerice of the Philadelphia Flyers has been suspended for 25 games for cross-checking Ryan Kesley of the Vancouver Canucks in the face. No, that's not a mistake. A man actually cross-checked another man in the face on purpose. The suspension is among the longest in NHL history. Good. It should rank among the longest in NHL history as it's among the most violent acts in a game. Along with the Steve Downie suspension, it's nice to see the league actually deal out appropriately long suspension periods for a change. Greg Wyshynski at the NHL Fanhouse has some further ideas regarding suspensions. I don't know how serious he is, but I definitely would agree with fining the team (in this case, the Flyers) and considering some kind of suspension or reprimand for the referee's for the game going out of their control.

Lastly, and also from the NHL Fanhouse, Jes Golbez has pictures of the Anaheim Ducks' Stanley Cup ring. Take a good look at those, everyone. They're not just gorgeous, they represent total victory. That's the goal the Devils - and every other organization (at least it should be) in the league) - to earn the right to own and wear the championship ring. Proof that they were better than 29 other teams last season. Last I checked, nobody has won them for this season just yet. Keep that in mind even if the Devils do lose to Atlanta tonight. There's a lot of hockey left and to condemn the season as a loss just because the first five games didn't go well is daft in the bigger picture.

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