Friday, November 09, 2007


Watch Tomorrow: It Could Be #500

Tom Gulitti's blog, as usual, has a crucial post about the Devils before tomorrow's game against the New York Islanders. There are three main items to know and get adequately pumped up about:

1. Colin White took part in his first practice since his horrific eye injury back in pre-season.
2. Jamie Langenbrunner continues to practice - and it looks like his return is imminent.
3. Martin Brodeur could win his 500th game on Saturday night at Long Island, as he will be starting in net tonight.

About the first two points, seeing core players getting healthier is always good news. Langenbrunner can provide some help on offense with his strong slap shot, his dynamic two-way play, and his heart. White would definitely provide some needed stability, experience, and improved defensive presence on the blueline.

About point #3, I have to say, I'm a bit sympathetic about Kevin Weekes. The Devils have played 5 games in 10 days so far this month; but I don't see him getting the start in Pittsburgh on Monday and definitely not at the first Devils home game against the Rangers. I don't think Weekes will be too unhappy, though; Brodeur is set to become the second goaltender ever to pass the 500 win mark. Given Brodeur is a spry 35 years old and could conceivably earn 25-30 more wins this season; we could see Brodeur become the all time leader in wins sometime most likely in 2009. Though, technically he could do it in 2008 if he has an absolutely fantastic season like he did last season.

In any case, thanks to the crack marketing and promotion staff of the Devils organization, I want all of you to pay close attention in the next few nights. It could be tomorrow - I hope it's tomorrow, I would like to think the Devils are better than the Islanders - but it could also occur next week. The Devils have a sure-fire Hall of Famer in net about to crack a historic milestone. It's OK to actually trumpet this fact. It makes you wonder why the team isn't pulling out any stops to promote this fact, assuming I'm not missing any promotion by the Devils.

It kills me (metaphorically), to be honest. The Devils have been very successful over the last 13 years and yet the organization seems to do so little to trumpet this fact. I'm confident that many casual fans would be motivated to check out the Devils to see this once-in-a-lifetime goaltender either in person or on TV. Unless I'm mistaken, the Devils haven't been promoting this. It's as if they want to be awesome in relative quiet.

I'll be fair in noting that the Devils official website is definitely doing something to bring extra attention to Scott Stevens' induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday. It's the first thing you see on the website before getting into the main page; and the first article on that page is this article announcing that the December 7th game against Washington will be Scott Stevens Hall of Fame Night. This isn't a lot but it's more than nothing.

Ultimately, in the bigger picture, the fact that Martin Brodeur will pass the 500-win mark is nothing short of spectacular with or without promotion. I'm just carping about the organizations' lack thereof promotion in general. I just hope the team does something - even something small - to highlight this accomplishment when Brodeur does achieve it. And it could be tomorrow, so tell all your friends. Tomorrow's game against the Islanders isn't just a division match-up, we could see history being made.

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