Thursday, December 06, 2007


Barry Melrose Comes to Newark

I just saw this on Tom Gulitti's blog: Barry Melrose will be at The Rock to catch the Devils-Capitals game tomorrow. You know, the guy who said this about Newark:
"Don't go outside if you have a wallet or anything else, because the area around the arena is just horrible."
Well. Gulitti says that team owner Jeff Vanderbeek and Newark mayor Cory Booker "took the bait" and highlighted the comment. Which I think is great. A little slice of humble pie for Melrose, a little more attention paid to the arena, the city and tomorrow's game, and most importantly: an opportunity. An opportunity to come up with some fantastic chants! Now, I don't think yelling "cut your mullet" over and over again would suffice. This is an opportunity to be creative. Here are some suggestions:
OK, most of these aren't particularly great. But I at least tried to come up with one that doesn't have "Rangers Suck" or "Flyers Swallow," so I got that going for me. Maybe you have a suggestion - leave it in the comments and/or yell it out loud when the Capitals bring out their players not named Ovechkin, Nylander, Kolzig, or Pothier. Enjoy the game!

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The Crazies don't do the "Kill" chant. The fans of Section 209 and 208 started the "Kill" chant. Crazies Suck. Section 209 is better.
The old Section 218 did this chant at CAA. And they brought it to Section 208/209 at the Rock. Crazies copy Sammy and his boys all the time.
What a pure idiotic statement. The crazies never did the kill chant. That was started by 218 years back. What a dumb post.
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