Saturday, January 19, 2008


Tomorrow I Will Cheer for the GOOD Blue Team

The New York Giants are a mainstay of the National Football League and in years prior to the formation of the NFL; and they have carried on a recent tradition of being incredibly difficult to watch. Not a bad difficult, just difficult. Nonetheless, they are never boring and despite the critics, they have made it to the NFC Championship to play the Green Bay Packers. With a secondary thinner than the Los Angeles Kings' goaltending unit and bad weather looming all over Lambeau Field, the Giants making it this far is a feat in of itself. And with a ton of fans in the NY and NJ area, they will pay attention to the Giants game.

Which is tomorrow, during the Devils' 5 PM home game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Not good for attendance, with attention being paid elsewhere.

The Devils can't move the gametime, what with Toronto playing tonight in Buffalo right now. So the Devils are going with Plan B, and as far as Plan Bs go, it's pretty good.

The Giants game will be aired at the Prudential Center after the game, with the game appearing on other screens otherwise. Hopefully, there will be a sizable crowd taking advantage of the hockey on the ice and the football on screen. Basically, if you got tickets to tomorrow's game - go to the game! You won't miss the football action either. I'll be taking advantage of it, I hope to see you there!

And I hope the Devils and Giants will win, of course. Toronto and Green Bay are due for some failure.

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Nice to see the devils organization making efforts so football fans can be accomodated. Enjoy the game and then the football. I will be watching it back home. Go giants!
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