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Last night's game featured an Ottawa Senator team who looked more than happy to give the Devils chances to win as the game went on, a New Jersey Devil team who had trouble all night getting to rebounds, a Martin Gerber who was more than willing to give said rebounds, a Martin Brodeur who made a lot of good saves, gave up a soft one to Randy Robitalle and picked up his 30th win, and a Brian Gionta who played quite bad all game long but came up huge in overtime to give the Devils the 3-2 win. Want more details? Interchangeable Parts and 2 Man Advantage both did live-caps; Tom Gulitti has a recap at Fire & Ice; and Jeremy Kenter has his own recap at Devils Daily.

But I don't want to talk about that, I want to provide a affirmation of sorts; specifically about passion. Passion is why we bother yelling at all games. Passion is why some paint their face to support the team. Passion is why we lead chants of "Let's Go Devils!" and "KILL." Passion is why we get upset and angry when the team doesn't do well. Why we clap our hands when the PA plays the song that begins with "Everybody clap your hands," well, I'm not sure. But I think the key answer why fans who get into it is passion.

It's no secret that I love hockey and the fact that this blog exists should clue you in as to who I support. And if you feel similarly - you have that same passion. It may not be as overt as, say, the Crazies in 223; but it's there. It shows when you make some noise at the game. It shows when you wear the proper jersey of the proper team to support to the game. Hell, it shows even when you just show up to the game, or talk about it with people you know.

What is my point? I want you to be proud of this passion. Doesn't matter how much you have, but just show it. Those who say it's not cool or too stupid or it's not appropriate to be loud and showing the world that you bleed Devils red at a Devils game, consider this. To me, the people who wear 100+ pins at every game never really cared and always looked happier than those who just go to the games and do nothing but text someone not at the game. I'm not saying you don't have to wear a ton of flare, but being self-conscious doesn't do anyone a lick of good. So embrace your passion - yell real loud, wear that $20 foam puck hat, clap your hands to the song - do more than just sit in a seat you that cost you lot of hard-earned money.

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I doubt I'll ever be able to see a Devils game in Jersey, so cheer extra hard for me, John! I got tons of passion listening on the radio!!
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