Monday, March 03, 2008


Meanwhile in the East...

The Washington Capitals de-mol-ished the Boston Bruins 10-2.

Alexander Ovechkin picked up goals 50 through 52 (IN ONE PERIOD) and 2 more assists in his campaign to be the best player this season. A very, very convincing one at that. Nicklas Backstrom and Eric Fehr each racked up 3 assists. Matt Bradley and Brooks Laich both scored braces.

The win moves the Caps to tenth, one point behind idle Buffalo.

If there's a team I'm worried about sneaking into a #7 or #8 spot and playing the spoiler, it's the Capitals. This game is a reason why. No, they won't score 10 a night or 6 in the first period alone. But they got offense, they have some emerging studs on defense, a gamebreaker who is supported by playmakers, and now they have two solid options in net.

I know it's not necessarily Devils-related and it's only one game. But it's symbolic of this NHL season. A team could have a poor start, look poor on paper . Yet, if they make a couple of changes and the right guys start/continue to getting it done on the ice, then they start winning, they move up the ranks, and dropping 10-2 beatdowns on teams in the top 8. Back in November, the Washington fans were despairing. Now, they are ecstatic and hopeful.

I want New Jersey to get as high of a seed as possible, but I want them to avoid the Caps like the plague.

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