Tuesday, March 18, 2008


No Elias Tomorrow?

In addition to taking that shot to the kneecap, Elias is also battling the flu according to Gulitti. Fantastic. A game against Our Hated Rivals tomorrow and the team's most creative player is still questionable. Time to step it up again for Travis Zajac and Mike Rupp. I know Rupp has taken it to the next level, but will the sophmore center? I think he'll almost have to against Our Hated Rivals tomorrow. It's a rival, it's at the Rock, it's part of a tight division race, and Zajac really needs to get something going to get his game back on track. Otherwise, the Rangers defense will realize they don't have to worry as much about Zajac and even more of their attention on Parise. Hopefully, another game with Parise and Langenbrunner may return the spark that we saw so much of last season between the three players.

Of course, Sutter is the head coach, so don't be surprised if the line changes at least 3 times during the game regardless.

Fortunately, Colin White and Bryce Salvador will be available for tomorrow. Good. White will definitely beef up the defense and Salvador has been useful in the first few games he's been with New Jersey. Our Hated Rivals have had trouble putting in goals this season, so a strong defense will definitely help continue that; and White and Salvador clearly make the Devils' blueline much stronger. Both physically and positionally.

And in a recent move that just happens spite my uninformed opinion, Guilitti is reporting that the Devils signed Tyler Eckford. He will not return to the CCHA for his senior year. However, this is a very good sign - generally, the Devils are very patient with their prospects and will let them develop. They will sign the prospect out of college if they are ready, and coming out a year early is a promising sign. I still think he'll see significant time in Lowell (starting next season) before going down to New Jersey, if only to continue development on a higher level of hockey. Best of luck to Eckford and good luck on those final exams.

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