Thursday, March 06, 2008


Quick Rebounds into the Slot

The Devils play tomorrow, so here are some things to check out and ponder in the meantime.

A) The Devils are 33-2-2 when the score 3 or more goals in a game this season. Less than 3 goals? 5-21-2. This stat was provided during the Toronto game on Tuesday. That's not a typo, that's 33 wins. That's 37 total games where the Devils score 3 or more goals. That's approximately 55% of all their games this season. Keep that in mind next time you feel the Devils have trouble scoring.

B) James Mirtle continues his Unofficial Playoff Push standings, wherein it is predicted as to who gets in when a team gets a certain number of points. Detroit, with 94 points of their own, are all but mathematically guaranteed to be present in the second season.

C) Jes Golbez at the Fanhouse recognizes and documents Brodeur's rise this season. That slow October start seems like it happened a long, long time ago. And it seems it didn't mean much, as Brodeur has rose up to his rightful place as Elite NHL Goaltender. Jes isn't short on dap, he gives it to Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks more recently. And he deserves it with 33 goals this season. Yes, 33.

D) I saw this at the On Frozen Blog: OvechKam is coming to a Capitals telecast near you. Specifically, against Calgary on March 12. This will be more exciting than the Beckham Cam or, well, most specialty "cams."

E) Back to Devils news! Tom Gulitti at Fire & Ice is reporting that Sutter is trying Travis Zajac out on the right wing. With Mike Rupp at left wing and Dainius Zubrus at center. That's an, uh, interesting mix. Personally, I don't understand the move to Zubrus to the fourth line - I understand that Sutter wants to mix it up, but Zubrus was fairly effective on the second line. He drew calls, got into position, fought well along the boards, and has been improving since the beginning of the season. I know his production is poor, but it will improve as he remains in New Jersey. Anyway, let's get off this Zubrus digression here. Zajac. If he's at right wing, who is at center on the second line? I know Gulitti has the line combos at the end of the post. Wait, this is the second line. Wait, Mike Rupp is on the second line? I am...baffled.

F) Speaking of baffled, that's how I feel about Interchangeable Parts' latest post. It's thought out through in beefy detail, I'll give it that. But uh...yeah.

G) Let's end this with some soothing, smooth music. Now you can understand the latest of a funny series of shorts (not-for-kids warning: language, Jimmy Buffet).

UPDATE: H) Battle of NY has a new design, a new URL, and hopefully some more Devils coverage in the future.

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If you missed Cam Janssen's Blues debut last week, they had the Cam Cam. Pretty awesome if I do say so.

And thanks for the Jimmy Buffet warning. If only more places warned when one is about to come into contact with anything Buffet...
Remember: Buffet is mellow, but NOT smooth.
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