Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Even in the Offseason, Gulitti Remains On Fire

Tom Gulitti is your Devils news, quotes, and word hook up. Clearly, you should be hooked into Fire & Ice by now if you're a Devils fan. He is flowing information that hooks you in and is quite off the hook (do people still say this?). I'll stop with the hook references before I get one.

First, awards. Martin Brodeur is once again a finalist for the Vezina Trophy. His competitors this year? Evgeni Nabokov and Henrik Lundqvist. Nabokov has done what few goalies have and played just as many games as Martin Brodeur with 77. Amazingly enough, Nabokov has won 2 more games than Brodeur (46 to 44), more shutouts (6 to 4), and a slightly better goals against average (2.14 to 2.17). By virtue of that alone, he's likely the favorite. What favors Brodeur is a superior save percentage (92% to Nabokov's 91%), a higher number of saves attempted and saves made (only Tomas Vokoun made more saves than Marty this season), and the most minutes in the league. Henrik Lundqvist brings the most shutouts in the league and a lot of experience in being a bridesmade to this group. Once again, Lundqvist is not going to win this. It's clearly a two horse race between Nabokov and Brodeur here. While Nabokov has more impressive numbers, I'd like to bring up two non-stat related arguments. Number One:

Number Two:

Brodeur did that. This season. The same season. Can Nabokov? Can anyone else? I think not!

Second, the World Championships. Also from TG in the same post as Brodeur's Vezina finalist announcement. Martin Brodeur is not going. Which is fine, if anyone deserves a long break, it's him. Brian Gionta is also not going as he will become a father soon. Patrik Elias will play for the Czech Republic; Karel Rachunek might play for the Czechs; the Swedish squad invited Johnny Oduya - further proof of his improvement; and Sergei Brylin may suit up for Russia. IPB will be most pleased with Paul Martin and Zach Parise putting on the Red, White & Blue for a chance at the annual tournament. TV coverage of this tournament in the US? I have no idea. Steve? A little help?

Third, Gulitti has a smattering of questions with the Devils players, Brent Sutter, and Lou Lamoriello. All three of them are impressive, interesting, insightful, intriguing, and a must-read for all Devils fans. I will not summarize or spoil any of it for you all now. Just go to Fire & Ice and read them. You'll be glad you did.

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sometimes after reading what you post, i think don't think you actually watch hockey.
brodeur's talent shined throughout the playoffs.
I don't think you actually post comments, you don't even have a name. Or much else to say.
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