Saturday, April 19, 2008


The Next Day & Thank You

How do I still feel about what just happened? Well, like this: (source)


In happier news, the sun still came up today. We got that going for us.

The official stance of ILWT for the rest of the playoffs: Anybody But New York. Should Montreal do what they're supposed to do tonight, expect Pittsburgh to really pounce on the Rangers. The Penguins will definitely pick up on Lundqvist's lack of rebound control and they have the speed and dynamic offense that can eat a trap up for breakfast.

In any case, tomorrow expect April in Review & Devil of the Month. Later in the week will bring tidings of Devil of the Season and a look ahead at what to expect in the next few weeks. Likely some World Championship coverage, playoff thoughts about non-Devils teams, and maybe some more stats. Though I made hold off on the latter until after June.

I'd like to thank the New Jersey Devils organization for the new arena in Newark and putting on one really interesting season. The playoffs were miserable, we can agree on that; but the team also did a lot better in some ways than I and many fans were thinking back in October. Next year will be better and I can almost guarantee an prediction - one originally provided by Jay last night - that there will be a meeting between Lou, Brent, and Jeff Vanderbeek. They will sit down, face the brutal truth that the Devils just decisively lost to Our Hated Rivals in the playoffs, and start planning to improve the team to make sure that nothing of the sort will happen any time in the near future.

I'd like to thank all of you for reading this site be it for the first time or for the hundredth. I'd also like to thank the people around me in Section 1 for putting up with me and hearing me yell and rant and rave and generally being the loud supporter in the area - thanks Jay, Herb, Aaron, Mark, Marylin, Barbara, Chris, Matt, and anyone else I'm sorry I forgot your name. I'd like to thank the other people in the Devilogosphere (I'm sorry I just typed that): 2 Man Advantage, IPB, Fire & Ice, Devils Daily, Battle of NY, the NHL Arena Program, Beast of the East, Snowman on Fire, and even the older ones like Trendon Lynch and Tom Lycan (Devils Due). Also thanks to those in the larger media like Rob Kowal at NY Hockey Talk and Jeff Klein at the NY Times for giving me more than I ever expected to get out of this blog. Thank you all.

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...and Thank you John ... and yes they have done better than I expected at the start of the season it just would have been easier to end the season with anyone other than ...well you know -- Pete
as disappointing as this series/season ending loss is, i'd be even more unhappy had they made a trade deadline deal and gotten, say, a player such as hossa and given up a guy like zajac, a first round pick and a legitimate prosect, which is what it would have taken, and then lost in the first or even the second round...the devils have some cap room this summer and a couple of players that could attract at least some interest, so let's be patient until july and see how it plays out
Hopefully I'll see ya next season...
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