Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Who Stays, Who Goes?

With the Penguins doing what we wish the Devils did to Our Hated Rivals, now is a good of a time as any to look at who isn't attached for next season. Yes, there is hockey on Versus and NBC; and Tom Gulitti remains on fire with his continued coverage of the playoffs. Still, it is the offseason for New Jersey. So let's take a look at who is available according to the wonderful and best salary cap resource on the Internet today: NHLSCAP.

Here is the list of who is getting what for the Devils in the next few seasons. Everyone is here, including signed prospects and minor leaguers. There isn't a whole lot here but my gut feelings, my first instinct, and my not really well researched opinions who I think is going to stay a Devil and who will not. I expect to be called out on my lack of knowledge of Lowell Devils hockey. At the least, it's something to discuss.

Free AgentsWill they be signed?
Karel RachunekNo.
Bryce SalvadorI hope so, but it's up to him as a UFA.
Richard MatvichukSpent a lot of time in Lowell, probably not. His career is near the end anyway and I don't expect a revitalization anytime soon.
Jari VihukolaDidn't make team, played 10 games in Lowell and went back to Finland. So, no.
Jay PandolfoDefinitely. Question is how much? A little over a million?
David ClarksonRFA-Will be qualified for sure.
Aaron AshamWasn't that good this season, but maybe he'll stay for one more.
Petr VranaRFA-Definitely qualified. Called up in playoffs, likely to become Brylin's replacement. Watch for him in camp in September.
Olli MalmivaaraRFA-He did get 2 game in NJ; but he's already 26. How much more can he improve? Maybe he re-signs, but it'd be for Lowell.
Jordan PariseRFA-He's the back-up in Lowell, and with Jeff Frazee signed, he may be the odd man out.
Rod PelleyRFA-Will be qualified. Looked OK as a young checking center, should get better. Expect more of him next season.
Sheldon BrookbankSlow as he is, he can handle the NHL. He's a UFA, but shouldn't be expensive. I think he'll be signed if only for depth on defense.
Ivan KhomutovRFA-Well, he played for a full season in Lowell and his production isn't impressive. He may be qualified depending on whether he developed any better despite what his numbers say.
Noah ClarkeDid score that one goal up with NJ. He was OK with Lowell. But he'd be going straight back there.
Frank DoyleLowell's best goaltender - he should be re-signed to keep them competitive.
Jean-Luc Grand-PierreNo.
Grant MarshallDid quite a bit with NJ, but his time has passed. I don't see a need unless Lowell needs his experience.
Ian MoranNO.
Jason RyznarAlas, he will not be a NJ Devil except for call up duty. Lowell only.
Barry TallacksonDespite all the chances, I don't think he'll be a regular either. Lowell only.
Mike MottauAfter 7 years since his NHL debut, he finally played a full NHL season. And he wasn't miserable. But like Brookbank, he should be signed for depth.

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Hey Love the Blog, Theres one more Goalie in Lowell that needs to be considered. After Jordan Parise got hurt Dave Caruso came up from Trenton and battled Frank Doyle for the starting job. His numbers were consistent all year in both leagues (ECHL and AHL) He needs to be resigned to take some of the load off of Doyle, since Parise was mediocre at best.
Ah, I didn't know about Dave Caruso. He isn't on the NHLscap list; so I don't think he's got a deal with the New Jersey Devils - maybe it's a deal with just Lowell. That's why I missed him in this list.

If he's done fairly well with Lowell, as you say; then by all means, he should stay with Lowell and be re-signed.
Yea i apologize he has a AHL contract. I should have mentioned that. I feel that he has played well enough to be a huge factor in Lowell's future.
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