Sunday, May 11, 2008


Crucial WC Update

The United States lost to Finland 3-2 in the qualification round this evening. Here is a link to the IIHF article about the game, which ended in a mess. Take a note of this section:
Finland got on the board when Ville Koistinen scored on the first power play off a feed from Saku Koivu. The goal was a game changer as the momentum carried over to the Finnish side.

There is something seriously wrong with this, but you wouldn't know it from the initial report. You see, Koistinen put it in through the side of the net. Not across the goal line; but through the outside bottom part of the net. A very odd play and even someone who doesn't know anything about hockey would say that's not a goal. Let Kevin Schulz of the NHL Fanhouse explain the stupidity of the IIHF officiating:
Let's review:
  1. The puck went through the side of the net.
  2. The play was reviewed.
  3. Video revealed that the puck really did go through the side of the net, which negates the goal.
  4. The play was ruled a goal.
He's not making it up. It was reviewed and it still counted. Proof positive that IIHF referees are even worse than MLS referees and that guy who does your local competitive sport league. The IIHF article now has this note at the end:
NOTE: The IIHF formally acknowledged after the game that Koistinen's shot had, indeed, entered the side of the net and should not have counted, and the video-goal judge will not be working for the rest of the tournament.
That's nice that they are owning up to the error, too bad it completely changed the complexion of the game. Should it have been called right, the US may have come out of this with a win. Instead, it's a loss, Paul Martin got an assist, and Zach Parise only got a minor penalty. What about before then? Well, Paul Martin got two assists but he shouldn't be pleased with his defense nor would the team when USA Hockey beat Germany 6-4. Zach Parise has much to be pleased about, with 2 goals and an assist.

Patrik Elias has remained fairly productive with a goal and an assist in a 5-0 win over Switzerland. He didn't pick up any points in a 3-2 win over Belarus; but he responded with a goal and an assist in a 5-3 loss to Sweden. Elias and Tomas Kaberle have been making things happen for the Czech Republic, I must say. In that Sweden game, I notice he only got 1:31 of ice time in the third on the stat sheet. I hope that doesn't mean he was injured.

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