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Here are something things going about that I'd like to touch on, before we take a look at the defense.

First, Jared Ramsden has a review of the Devils draft from this past year at Hockey's Future. As a rule of thumb, you really can't judge drafts until at least 3 years. Which is partially why Petr Vrana and Nicklas Bergfors are in such crucial situations for their careers. Nevertheless, Ramsden is pretty pleased with Mattias Tedenby being selected in the first round. The rest of them he's currently projecting to be mid-pairing defensemen, checking forwards, and depth players. Also, as indicated by the introduction, he's surprised that no goaltenders were drafted. Well, I don't know if it's good to put the goaltending future in the hands of a young prospect unless he's the right guy. Besides, Brodeur is likely to play into 40 anyway, assuming he stays healthy and in shape.

Second, Slap Shot at the NY Times is reporting that Sergei Brylin is looking to sign with SKA St. Petersburg. Brylin is looking for a three to four year deal and SKA St. Petersburg wants to give it to him. As much as I appreciate what Brylin has done for the team, he started regressing this season. If he honestly was looking for a similar length with New Jersey, I'm glad the organization and Brylin mutally agreed to part ways. If/When the deal gets signed, best of luck to Sarge in the future. If you want to learn about the team, the Wikipedia entry for SKA St. Peterburg is a good place to start. You'll learn that ex-Devil Ray Giroux played for them recently! Hey, Andrei Zyuzin is also now a part of them, apparently. Oh, the things you learn when you search international hockey.

Third, from HF Boards, the Tennessean has a big report about potential Nashville Predators owner William Del Biaggio wanting to seize and move the franchise. Take some time to delve into the matter and among the many linked articles. (As an aside, this is some excellent journalism by the Tennessean.) This is fascinating and at the same time shocking. Yes, I'm not a Predators fan, but I sympathize with their fans all the same. It's a terrible feeling not knowing whether your favorite team will be around next season. Don't forget that it nearly happened to New Jersey, as they danger of moving to Nashville (of all places) after their first Stanley Cup in 1995. Thankfully, the Devils remain and hopefully the Predators will too. A good sign is that the local owners will look to replace Del Biaggio's $9.8 million stake.

Fourth, Ted Nolan has been fired by the New York Islanders according to Newsday. Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy thinks this is an excellent move for the struggling franchise. I'm not so sure. I can understand the general manager and the coach not seeing eye to eye is definitely not good for the team. I can fathom that a poor season after making the playoffs is definitely cause for concern. These, in conjunction, can be considered good reasons to fire someone. However, it puts a lot of pressure on the Islanders organization to find the right head coach to replace Nolan. Basically, the team is looking to build their franchise as Wyshynski rightfully points out, they need a coach who shares management's vision. Greg suggests Mr. John Tortorella. Not bad, but I wonder if he's the best option. Torts will definitely get people in line and he has experience turning around a team. But the Lightning are in a similar position (to a point) and Tortorella got dumped because the players seemingly stopped listening to him. Should Garth Snow hire Tortorella, will history repeat itself - what will they do to prevent the same situation again?

As a Devils fan, I wouldn't mind Mike Milbury getting back behind that bench. If only for the hilarity. (I'm sorry for bringing up his name, Islanders readers.)

Fifth, Scott Clemmensen is in the Devils organization again according to Gulitti of Fire & Ice. 2 Man Advantage is pumped about this development. I am officially indifferent. Also, Vrana is a Devil, Matt Halischuk can go to Lowell, and Rod Pelley is still not yet signed. I'm pretty sure Pelley was qualified, so I think it should be a matter of time.

Lastly, IPB has discovered Brian Gionta in their today's edition of the creatively-written Project Bicycle Spoke. They list a number of trade proposals they'd make with Gionta. Also, they hint with subtlety wanting Devils games to start at 7:30 PM next season.

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