Thursday, July 31, 2008


Pile On!

2 Man Advantage has a new post - huzzah! - and it's Joe Betchel getting angry over something from a Rangers blog. As it's the offseason, it's generally time to look at what could be happening next season. At Outside the Garden, Michael Ramos had this little preview of the Rangers' Atlantic Division foes. Needless to say, Ramos doesn't think highly, or much at all, of the glorious New Jersey Devils Hockey Club. Normally, I wouldn't be linking to Rangers-based previews; but I'll make an exception. Go ahead and read it. I'll wait by listening to this:

I got to find that CD somewhere. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Ramos' preview. Joe has plenty to rant about; but I'd like to pile on from a different direction. First off, in what universe are the Islanders a better team now than New Jersey? The team is in another rebuilding mode whereas New Jersey remains as a consistently strong team. The last time the Devils didn't finish with 90 points (and less than 55% winning percentage, for that matter) was in 1995-1996 (Proof: HockeyDB) - 12 seasons ago. The only way for the Devils to reach the depths of lower half of the conference is for Martin Brodeur to get injured for much of the season, the core skaters of the team to play absolutely terrible and/or get injured, and Brent Sutter deciding to coach all the time with a blindfold.

Second, it makes sense that Ramos brings up the Greztky quote from the early-to-mid 1980s and some other non-hockey related stories that happened years ago. He is a Rangers fan. Living in the past is what they do. It's their thing.

Third, and I'm being serious here, but if the Devils are really falling behind in the league and the Rangers are so much better off as Ramos postulates in the "NEW NHL" (it's been 3 season already, it ain't new anymore, Mr. Ramos); then I'd like to know where he's coming from. Otherwise, I assume it's from that one village that just so happens to be missing it's idiot. Again, let's look at the team's records. The last time the Rangers finished ahead of the Devils was in 1995-1996. Here are the Rangers' records at HockeyDB - the comparison is clear. Funny how that a team that's supposedly on the way down, with their terrible signings, their coaching changes, and their system is in "shambles," still finishes ahead of the "NEW NHL"-ready Rangers. Will you consider that the Rangers beat the Devils 7 times this past season and they still cannot finish ahead of the Devils? I think you should because that's hilarious.

Keep telling yourself that it makes sense, Mr. Ramos. We'll remind you should history and current trends repeat.

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Glorious post, my friend, both yours and Joe Betchel's! Prime examples of why Rangers fans know LESS THAN NOTHING about hockey and that they only root for them because THEY'RE FROM NEW YORK! Period!
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